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How To Use Shampoo Hair Bars

How To Use Shampoo Hair Bars

JRLiggettSoap-6_250h J.R. Liggetts Old Fashioned Shampoo Bar - Image From - All Rights Reserved

A shampoo bar is simply a soap based solid bar used to cleanse hair.

Shampoo soaps should not be confused with body soaps which are not specifically designed and formulate to cleanse the scalp and tresses.

I personally learned how to use {{asin=B00G14QJA4,text=shampoo hair bars}} right around the time® was starting in the mid-1990s.

A long hair friend I met on our HairTalk™ forum kindly sent me a sample of a J.R. Liggett's shampoo bar.

She had been using J.R. Liggetts shampoo bars on her knee length hair for over 10 years with great results.

Not All Shampoo Bars Work For Everyone

Although I don't use shampoo hair bars as frequently as I have in the past, I still believe they offer many benefits. I have personally used a wide range of shampoo bars from different manufacturers and there are many which are truly wonderful.

ShampooBarMoroccan Mudd-7_250h Moroccan Mudd Shampoo Bar 100% Natural From Tasmania Australia with Leatherwood Honey and Bees Wax - Beauty and the Bees

To be fair it's important to note that shampoo hair bars don't work for everyone.

Many people with naturally fine hair swear by the texture benefits they receive from using shampoo bars.

There are several considerations including hair type, texture, condition, length and special needs.

Test Shampoo Bars With Affordable Samples

If you haven't tried shampoo hair bars, many of the shampoo bar companies such as J.R. Liggett's, Dr. Bronner, Chagrin Valley (CV), Prairieland Herbs (PLH) and C.O.P.A. Soaps offer small samples for purchase so you can learn how to use shampoo hair bars for a small investment.

It's an easy way to test how your hair will respond and whether it is a good way for you to cleanse your hair.

Basic Steps - How To Use Shampoo Hair Bars

Shower - Wikipedia Shower - Wikipedia

Listed below are the basic steps to cleansing hair with a shampoo bar. Feel free to customize with your own desired cleansing routines:

1.  Detangle hair completely with a wide tooth comb and fingers.

2.  Apply any pre-cleansing oils and/or treatments.

3.  Wet hair completely with lukewarm water.

Note:  The wetter the hair before you shampoo, the better. Many people with limited water flow find it helpful to pre-fill clean plastic gallon jugs with lukewarm water to guarantee a solid stream of water to completely soak hair.

Shampoo In The Shower Sudsing Up Hair During Hair Cleansing In The Shower

4. Rotate shampoo bar over the top of the head in a gentle circular direction.  Allow suds to flow from the bar.

5.  Allow the suds to gently flow from the crown and top of the head down the length of the strands. If you require extra suds for target sections of your hair, apply the bar directly to those sections for extra sudsing benefits.

Note:  If you have thin, fine, fragile or damaged hair you may wish to rub the shampoo bar between your hands, work up some lather and then massage the lather into your scalp rather than using the bar directly against your hair.

One downside to using shampoo bars is a slight danger of accelerate any thinning tendencies by concentrating use of the bar in one area of the scalp.

When using a shampoo bar, always make sure to move the bar around the entire scalp area.

6.  As suds are formed, very gently massage into the scalp with the pads of the fingertips only. Do not use fingernails which can leave tiny potentially damaging cuts on the scalp.

7.  One you believe your hair has received enough sudsing from the shampoo bar, rinse well.

8. After you have completely rinse the shampoo from your hair, use fingers to gently squeeze excess water from tresses.

Super Absorbant Towel Super Absorbant Towel

9.  Apply any desired rinse-out conditioner or post-shampoo treatment.

10.  Use a wide-tooth comb or other hair-friendly tools to detangle small sections of the hair working slowly from the ends to the roots.

11.  Rinse well to remove any treatments.

12.  Finish with a cool/cold water rinse.

13.  Towel blot completely to remove excess water.

14. Apply leave-in conditioners or related styling products. Detangle to make sure all of the product is completely distributed through strands.

15.  When appropriate air-dry hair or utilize desired drying and styling tools.

KnottyBoyShampooSoap-8_250hNote:  In some cases it can take up to one month for hair to successfully transition from traditional shampoo products to shampoo hair bars.

Summary - How To Use Shampoo Hair Bars

Many people prefer shampoo hair bars to commercial liquid types of hair cleansers for a number of reasons ranging from the product ingredients, to the cost and the fact that shampoo bars often last much longer than traditional liquid shampoo products.

Shampoo hair bars, in the vast majority of cases are 100% all natural made with {{asin=B004S0T05Y,text= healthy ingredients}}  such as avocado, jojoba, palm and castor oils.

Hairstylist Blowing Out A Client's Hair - Photo Courtesy of Hairstylist Blowing Out A Client's Hair - Photo Courtesy of

Depending upon the shampoo hair bar you purchase they may contain an array of shea or cocoa butters and pure essential oils.

Although many people swear by shampoo hair bars, they aren't for all people. If you want to give them a try, opt for smaller sample bars and be willing to experiment.

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