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DIY Fairy Hair Dust

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I grew up in St. Louis, Missouri where summers get very hot and humid.

My hair has been known to wilt in a matter of minutes. In my ongoing attempts to dry clean my hair I experimented with an array of commercial and DIY dry shampoo formulas.

After years of experimentation with off-the-shelf powders I finally found great results when I tweaked a popular recipe which I labelled my DIY Fairy Hair Dust.

Not only does my DIY Fairy Hair Dust instantly revive my humidity damaged lank tresses, it works fabulously as a dry shampoo in between my regular cleansings.

It also has an added benefit of adding lots of root lift and volume.

Recipe For DIY Fair Hair Dust

Cornstarch Cornstarch


2 1/2 quart sterile {{asin=B00B80TJX0,text=glass jar}} with an airtight lid (Mason or Ball jars are good options)

3-5 cups of Orris Root Powder

Note:  You may substitute 1 1/2 cups to 2 1/2 cups of powdered or ground cinnamon or curry powder for the Orris Root Powder which may be better for brunettes or redheads.

Optionally you may try finely ground Rice Bran Powder. Do NOT use talc or commercial baby powders.

3 cups  Cornstarch - Organic is preferred

2-9 drops Rosemary Essential Oil (not synthetic)*

Optionally you can substitute Peppermint Essential Oil (EO) for Rosemary

2-9 drops Lavender Essential Oil (not synthetic)

2-9 drops {{asin=B00D5WLG5S,text=Honey Almond Essential Oil}}  (not synthetic)

Optionally you can substitute pure Vanilla Essential Oil for the Honey Almond.

Cinnamon Bark And Powder Cinnamon Bark And Powder

Note: Optionally you can substitute Honey Absolute for Honey Almond Essential Oil

9 dried rose petals or 9 small rose petal sized pieces of cut up silk

Mixing The DIY Fairy Hair Dust Formula

1. Pour 1 cup of Orris Root powder into the sterile glass jar

2. Add 2 cups of cornstarch into the jar with the Orris Root powder

3. Attach the jar's top. Gently roll the jar back and forth to mix.

Model_3_250h Model by ARTec - All Rights Reserved

Do not shake. Gently roll instead.

4. Add 1-3 drops of EO on one of the rose petals and/or silk swatches. Drop the oil infused petal or silk piece into the jar ONLY after the oil is well absorbed by the petal or silk.

Gently roll the jar a bit (don't shake). Do this with each drop of EO. Roll in between additions.

Note: You don't want to add the Essential Oils directly to the powder since it will alter the powder consistency. Only add the EOs to the infused rose petal pieces.

5. Add the remaining Orris Root and cornstarch powders into the jar and gently roll.

6. Place the powder in a cool cupboard a minimum of 3 weeks.  Gently roll jar every 2-3 days during the 3 weeks.

CurryPowder6_250h Curry Powder

How To Use DIY Fairy Hair Dust

1. Put some of the powder into a free flowing salt shaker. You can keep all the powder in the shaker if the shaker has an airtight lid.  Or you can just transfer a small amount from your mixing jar if you prefer.

Note: You may opt for a glass spice jar or similar which has a shaker and screw on air-tight lid.

Model_2_250h Model by ARTec - All Rights Reserved

2. Cut some cheesecloth into squares which are slightly larger than your 100# boar bristle brush (BBB).

3. Make sure the brush is 100% clean before adding cheesecloth. Remove all loose hairs from the brush.

4. Starting at the top of your head with 1/2 to 1 tablespoon of Fairy Dust powder, sprinkle the magic hair mixture onto your fingertips and then apply as close to your scalp as possible.  You may also wish to sprinkle the powder directly onto the scalp from the shaker.

Optionally you can dip an old toothbrush into the jar, tap off excess like you would with a makeup brush and then brush into your hairline until it completely blends in and there is no powder residue left.

5. Separate hair into 1/4 to 1/2 inch individual sections. Lift hair gently with fingers next to scalp. Sprinkle power as you lightly tousle. Ideally you should create a gentle friction.

6. After 10-20 minutes of applying the powder, begin to carefully brush the powder out of the hair with a 100% Boar Bristle Brush (BBB).

cheesecloth-1_250h Brighenti - Cheesecloth

If powder still remains after one brushing, apply a single layer of {{asin=B00H9HZQAG,text=cheesecloth}} over the brush. The cheesecloth will help adhere to the the powder and lift it from your hair.

7. If powder remains, continue brushing until you feel the mixture is completely removed. For extra volume and fullness, allow a little of the powder to remain, preferably throughout the inner sections of the hair and near the roots.

8. Hair will be clean, full of fluffy volume and and smell amazing due to the essential oils.

Tightly Curled Hair By Goldwell Tightly Curled Hair By Goldwell - All Rights Reserved

Note: Depending upon the type, texture and length of your hair, you may wish to use more or less powder when dry cleaning your hair.

Start with a small amount. It's easy to add more after the first amount rather than having too much you will need to throw out. You may or may not wish to use the cheesecloth to eliminate the excess powers.

Summary - DIY Fairy Hair Dust

Anyone can experiment with my DIY Fairy Hair Dust formula for use as a dry shampoo recipe or to encourage natural volume and fluffiness.

The advantage of the DIY Fairy Hair Dust recipe is that it can be altered with an array of substitute ingredients and essential oils.  If your hair is naturally curly or textured and you don't brush or comb your tresses, you may wish to try a different method for applying the formula.

*Not recommended for use when pregnant. When in doubt, please contact your doctor.

Terms of Use including all of its contents and programs, is provided for informational and educational purposes only and is not intended as medical advice nor is it intended to create any physician-patient relationship. Please remember that this information should not substitute for a visit or a consultation with a health care provider.

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