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Hair On Raw Food

Hair On Raw Food

KarenSideIMG_2233_250h Image of Karen Marie Shelton Hair - Photo - Jeffrey Hines - - All Rights Reserved

I've been on my own personal hair journey since the late 1980s when I decided to grow my hair to it's terminal length, which appears to be to my hips.

My hair journey triggered the start of, the HairTalk forum, my ten year journey as an editor for MultiMedia Magazines (101 Celebrity Hairstyles, Short Cuts & Gallery Editions) and my research into everything hair.

I have logged many hours pondering every imaginable hair consideration including the astrology of hair, alternative hair growth methods and hair on raw food.

What I've Learned About Food & Hair

One of the very first things I discovered in my quest to grow my own hair to it's maximum length is that what works for one person may or may not work for me.

That important truth covers everything from how often to wash, trim, massage, oil my hair to what products to use and what connection there is between the foods I eat and how my hair behaves.

Over the years I've experimented with every imaginable food plan, diet, hair growth vitamin regimes and herbal supplementation programs.

I've been rolfed, massaged and needled to evaluate the results on my hair.  A lot of the results of what has happened to my hair on my long journey has been recorded here on, including photos of my hair over the years.

What I've Learned Hair On Raw Food

FruitJuice48_250h Orange & Grapefruits - Excellent For Juicing & Staples Of A Raw Fruit Diet

Over the years I've worked with nutritionists, food coaches and naturopaths.

I've done extended juice fasts, eaten only raw foods for several months, consumed just fruits, eat a pure macrobiotic diet and most recently I did a long term Paleo food plan.

Did eating a raw food diet help or hurt my hair?

To be honest,  I experienced no obvious differences to my normal hair behavior.  I didn't experience additional loss nor did I experience a growth spurt.

I felt great on my raw food plan although I did find it a little too restrictive for my workaholic lifestyle.

If I had someone willing to shop, cook and clean for me, I would probably eat 100% raw food all the time.

The Paleo Food Plan

The Paleo food plan was a better fit for me in terms of convenience.  That's just my opinion.

GinaSilvestri-4_250h Gina Silvestri - Courtesy Gina Silvestri - All Rights Reserved

I have total respect for what it takes to commit to 100% raw.  It's quite an accomplishment.

However, please remember, everyone is different and needs to do their own research and experimentation.  Some people do better on a raw food plan, while other people actually need more protein.

These known nutritional differences also account for how hair on raw food may react differently for everyone.

Some people on raw food notice healthier, glossier strands which hit a new growth spurt.  Others report hair thinning and loss.

Health With Gina Is An Awesome Raw Food Resource

Speaking of raw food research.  If you are interested in the raw food lifestyle, which has been proven to provide many benefits, please check out the amazing information provided by the amazing Gina Silvestri.

One of the primary reasons Gina is such a great resource is because she has walked the walk.  She put raw food where her mouth is and it helped her lose 150+ pounds, keep off for over 8 years and recover from a dizzying array of medical issues.

apples-4_250h Apples Are A Great Raw Food Staple

You want to get the real scoop on eating raw?  Follow Gina on Facebook, Twitter or other Social Media channels and make your own decisions about whether it is right for you or not.

Summary - Hair On Raw Food

Ultimately there is no right or wrong nutritional plan for growing the longest, strongest, healthiest hair on the planet.

Every person is different.  Their hair needs are unique.   Hair roots, hair growth cycles and overall health will respond differently depending upon their genetic makeup.

Some people report amazing hair growth and health on raw food plans.  Others warn of hair thinning, breakage or hair loss.

What's the real answer?  Both reports could be accurate.  Which is why it's so important to do your research and follow what works for you.

Dedication:  This blog is dedicated to Gina Silvestri who has inspired me with her raw food success story and her major accomplishments on behalf of people around the world.  Thank you Gina.

Gina's website is:

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