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Perfect Pedicures

Perfect Pedicures

OPIPediCream_250hWhether you just nabbed some hot new Summer wedges or want to showcase your favorite open toe stilettos, your toes have to step it up a notch to look fabulous.

Perfect pedicures are key for dressing up your glam footwear.  Nothing highlights fantastic shoes like a perfect pedicure.

Keeping your meticulously polished toes looking open toe or sandal worthy doesn’t mean spending hours in the spa or the  salon.

Once you've achieved a perfect pedicure, the key is to baby it and extend it's life as long as possible so you don't have to constantly redo your toes.

Listed below are some great practical tips on how you can keep your month old pedicure looking wet-paint fresh.

1. Don’t skimp on the prep work - Apply a proper top coat three days after your pedicure.  This will help shield existing polish from everyday wear and tear.

Pedicures_250h Perfect Pedicures - - All Rights Reserved

2. Keep your toes high and dry - No matter how great it may feel, avoid hanging out  in a warm bath for  too long.  All that moisture will cause the polish to weaken and chip easier.  The same concept holds true in the sauna, steam room or pool.

After you wash your feet be sure to apply another topcoat after three days.  This will help extend the life of your pedicure for up to six weeks.

A really great pedicure should last at least six weeks and up to eight weeks in some cases.

3. Think short and sweet - Aside from the fact your toenails shouldn’t look like something out of a primitive National Geographic setting, keeping your toenails trimmed and square shaped helps prevent polish from rubbing on your shoes or chipping.

Another advantage of a square shape is that is helps to prevent the development of ingrown toenails.

4. Choose a shimmer over matte finish - Colors with a shimmer finish last longer than matte shades because shimmer polish contains more drying agents.

Indulge in the polish of your dreams. Pick a fabulous frosted pink and watch your pedicure last and last.

5.  Rethink going barefoot - Rough carpets or flooring can do instant damage to the soles of your feet and heels resulting in unattractive calluses and dry patches

Feet_250h Perfectly Polished Toes

6. Up the moisture factor - Dry looking heels will always detract from otherwise lovely feet.  The lotions and creams you use on your feet have to be of a thicker consistency in order to easily penetrate tougher skin on your heels.

When your feet are chronically dry, plan on adding more intense moisture by performing regular foot masks.  There are lots of great foot masks available, but my own favorite is {{asin=B000NCTX6M,text=OPI Pedicure Mask}}.

The OPI Pedicure Mask is hydrating, soothes with cucumber and green tea ingredients and cools with menthol. Apply mask to towel-dried feet. For deeper skin penetration, after applying the mask wrap feet in plastic wrap covered by a warm towel. Leave mask on for 5 minutes. Remove with a warm moistened towel. Replace cap securely after use to prevent product dehydration.

Summary - Perfect Pedicures

The secret to always having perfect pedicures is maintaining them to extend their life so you can avoid going back to the salon or spa more often than necessary.

If you are willing to put in a little time keeping your perfect pedicures in tip top shape you should be able to extend the for six to eight weeks.

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