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Johnny Sequoyah's Hair On Believe

Johnny Sequoyah's Hair On Believe

JohnnySequoyah-5_250h Pictured: Johnny Sequoyah as Bo - BELIEVE - Season:Pilot - (Photo by: Justin Stephens/NBC) © NBC Universal, Inc.

Johnny Sequoyah (Friedenberg) was born October 25, 2003. She's a beautiful young actress, best known for her current starring role as Bo Adams on the NBC television series Believe.

Johnny Sequoyah's hair on Believe has been very realistic for the role she plays. Johnny is Bo, a young girl with long loose blonde curls who was born with very special abilities which she can't control.

Believe is an American science fiction/fantasy/adventure television series which was placed on the NBC network as a 2014 mid-season entry.  The pilot episode aired March 10, 2014 before premiering in its regular time slot on Sunday, March 16

The Special Abilities Of Bo Adams

Bo's guardians worry her special abilities, which are continuing to evolve, may fall into the wrong hands where they will be used for evil.

As a result, the innocent young girl with the long loose curls is whisked away by a small band of people protecting her from possible bad influences.

Interesting Plot Twist On NBC's Believe

One of the people protecting her is William Tate (Jake McLaughlin), an innocent death-row inmate who has escaped from prison with the help of some of the influential people protecting Bo.

Bo-3_250h Pictured: Johnny Sequoyah as Bo - BELIEVE - Season:Pilot - (Photo by: Justin Stephens/NBC) © NBC Universal, Inc.

The odd pairing of death-row convict and little girl provides an interesting plot twist as the team constantly escape a series of close calls which would put Bo in the hands of the evil forces who want to capture the child.

How To Copy Johnny Sequoyah's Hair On Believe

On the majority of today's TV sets, hairstyles are deliberately styled to look like everyday hair.  The goal of on-set TV hair stylists is to create hairstyles which are realistic in current times. As a side note, everyday hair which looks deliberately undone is still done.

There are a variety of theories about the current trend for TV stars to appear on camera with every day hair, but the primary theory is that realistically styled hair is more believable. The goal is to avoid wearing hair which appears purposely styled.

Haphazard Hairstyles With Sloppitude Chic

Since Johnny Sequoyah's character is on the lam with a death role inmate, obviously in Bo's world there would be a lack of time or proper hair styling tools to wash Bo's hair, prep it with styling products, blow dry it or set it. The hair goals for Bo on Believe appears to be haphazard hairstyles with sloppitude chic.

While Bo's on-the-run hair on Believe looks deliberately undone, it's my guess Johnny's long dark blonde hair is washed, {{asin=B00132ZG3U,text=blow dried}} with a round or similar brush and then curled with an iron.  Bo's hair is all about the proper texture designed to enhance the hair's natural movement.

Combination Of Right Styling Product Cocktail With Heat

JohnnyAsBo7_250h Pictured: Johnny Sequoyah as Bo - BELIEVE - Season:Pilot - (Photo by: Justin Stephens/NBC) © NBC Universal, Inc.

Instead of literally not touching Johnny's hair, a combination of the right styling product cocktail with the proper amount and type of heat is mostly likely utilized to create the best haphazard hair.

Spending styling time and energy on creating the proper texture and volume will ensure Bo's disheveled street hairstyle will last all day settling to look even more rumpled as shooting continues.

How To Styling Tips

Johnny's on-set hairstylist most likely winds some target pieces of her hair around a 1  1/2" to 2" {{asin=B003KRBLXA,text=curling iron}} for a few seconds. Then the newly formed curls are likely rolled around fingers and then pinned to the scalp to cool and form.

Once the hair is cooled, it's unpinned and lightly deconstructed with a {{asin=B000SST81Q,text=brush}} or fingers to create random structured loose waves with just a hint of bend.

Summary - Johnny Sequoyah's Hair On Believe

The difference between carefully created haphazard hair and hard core sloppitude is right products and the lightest bit of heat styling.

Believe's production team probably wants Johnny to look casually incredible as Bo and not like she actually hasn't had her hair washed in days.  Mission accomplished.

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