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Is Your Nose Growing?

Introduction - Is Your Nose Growing?

Kate Middleton Kate Middleton

You don't have to be Pinocchio to worry about your nose growing. Believe it or not, whether you tell a lie or not, the human nose continues to grow with age.  The answer to the question is your nose growing is a resounding yes.

Not only does the nose continue to grow, the tip of the nose is known to slowly drops and widens with age.

Why does the nose grow?  There are a lot of theories which all tie back to the theory as time passes, lifestyle and personal experiences accumulate, they show up on the skin and muscles of the face, including the nose.

From the early twenties onward every laugh, frown, squirt and crinkle starts to etch subtle changes into the face ranging from lines, wrinkles along with a sagging jawline and a growing nose.

Celebrities With Great Noses

Many celebrities are admired for their perfectly proportioned noses.  According to the Daily Mail, Kate Middleton has the most requested nose at plastic surgeons' offices.

Other celebrities admired for their sniffers include Kim Kardashian, Amanda Seyfreid, Emma Watson, Freida Pinto, Jessica Alba, Rihanna and Emma Stone to name a few.  Of course the nose you admire is subjective and not everyone will agree which celebrities have the best noses.

One important question about all the celebrities who are admired for their noses is what their noses will look like as they age.  Afterall, without surgical intervention, their noses will continue to grow as well.

Kim Kardashian Is Admired By Many For Her Nose Kim Kardashian Is Admired By Many For Her Nose

Muscles Which Control The Nose

There are two primary muscles which impact the nose and surrounding areas:

Depressor septi - this muscle depresses the nostrils of the nose.

Levator Labii Superioris - causes the nostrils to flare.  It also furrow the lips.

Options For Dealing With A Growing Nose

What can you do about your nose growing?  You have the following options:

1.  Don't worry about it.  If you started life with a nose you love, you may not care that it will morph and change shape over the years.

2.  Visit your friendly neighborhood plastic surgeon.  Some people who didn't love their noses to begin with might not like how it transforms over the years.  If this is the case with you, visit 2-3 surgeons to get their suggestions on how you might reverse the effects of your growing nose.

3.  Do facial exercises to help shorten and narrow the tip.  Facial exercises for the nose can be done more than once a day to help create the most noticeable results.

Facial Exercises For The Nose

Do facial exercises really work?  Some people swear by them while others dismiss them as ineffectual.  The key to achieving results with facial massage is to perform it religiously for an extended period of time.  Random exercises will not have any noticeable impact.

Listed below are two of the most well-known facial exercises to help minimize a growing nose.

Rihanna's Nose Shape Is Admired By Many Rihanna's Nose Shape Is Admired By Many

Before you start any facial exercises make sure you hands, fingers, face and skin are clean and sanitized.

Exercise #1

To start, gently hold your nostrils between your index and middle finger (either hand) to offer resistance.  Consciously flare your nostrils as you breathe in.  Slowly breathe out. Repeat this exercise working up from 1-2 to as many as 25.

Exercise #2

Using your index finger (of either hand) gently push the tip of your nose up.  With the other hand pull your upper lip down over your teeth and hold for the count of 5 (seconds) before releasing. Work up from 1-2 times to as many as you wish.

Summary - Is Your Nose Growing?

As the face ages over time, not only do lines, wrinkles and creases form.  The human nose continues to grow with age and may droop, flatten or become broader.

Some anti-aging experts believe anyone can slow or stall a nose which is aging by performing a series of facial massages.

Do facial massages really work?  It depends which expert you talk to.  One advantage to trying facial exercises is that they offer a revolutionary non-surgical approach.  if the exercises don't work, surgical intervention is always an option to turn back the hands of time.

Blog Dedication:  This blog is dedicated to Edan Kencayd for her staunch support, encouragement and love.  Thank you Edan for all the fun you inject into my life.

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