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Minnie Driver's Curly Haired Son

Introduction - Minnie Driver's Curly Haired Son

Minnie Driver With Curly Haired Henry Minnie Driver With Curly Haired Henry

Amelia Fiona "Minnie" Driver (born 31 January 1970) is a British actress and singer-songwriter.

She was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for her performance in the film Good Will Hunting, and an Emmy Award and a Golden Globe for her work in the television series The Riches.

The actress is known her gorgeous natural curls.  Minnie Driver's curly haired son Henry is becoming famous in his own right for inheriting his mom's natural ringlets.

Henry Story Driver was born under a veil of mystery on September 5, 2008 due to the fact his biological father was a big industry secret.  What wasn't a mystery was his hair formed into masses of blonde ringlets.

In February of 2012 Minnie revealed that Henry's father was a writer on The Riches.

Although it's unknown if natural curls run in Henry's father's side of the family, the adorable little boy and his mother appear to be embracing his luscious ringlets.

Advantages For Minnie Driver's Curly Haired Son

Luckily for Henry, his mom is very well acquainted with what it takes to care for curly hair on a baby, infant and growing child.

It might seem like a no-brainer, but natural curls can be a challenge for parents with non-textured tresses.

CurlyQs Moist Curls Detangler/daily Curl Moisturizer CurlyQs Moist Curls Detangler/daily Curl Moisturizer

One of the biggest challenges for curly haired kids is limp, lifeless curls and/or frizzy hair.  This is not much different from the challenges adults with natural curls face.  For a parent who has never dealt with natural texture, this can be frustrating.

Moisture, Moisture & More Moisture

The most important key for dealing with naturally textured kids like Minnie Driver's curly haired son is moisture, moisture and more moisture.

Keeping natural curls, ringlets and coils properly hydrated with moisture enriching cleansers, rinse-out and leave-in conditioners like {{asin=B001OOLOUG,text=Curly Q Moist Curls Detangler}}.

These type of {{asin=B0006GZAKI,text=moisturizing products}} will go a long way to preventing dry, limp, lifeless or frizzy curls.

Even after natural curls dry, if they appear frizzy or lifeless, spritzing them lightly with a spray bottle filled with water and a tiny bit of leave-in conditioner can help the curls spring back to life.

Dealing With Tender Heads

Besides keeping curls hydrated, another issue can be tender headed related pain.  Kids with naturally textured tresses may hate getting their hair detangled to remove knots.  The combing and detangling process may actually hurt their tender scalps.

What to do?  When possible, detangle during the washing process.  After hair has been shampooed, rinse well and then apply a hydrating leave-in conditioner. There are a lot of great ones like {{asin=B00128WK4I,text=Kinky Curly Knot Today}}.

Section Curls Before Detangling

Section naturally textured hair in small 1-inch segments.  Don't hold hair near the scalp which can enhance detangling discomfort.

Kinky Curly Knot Today Conditioner Kinky Curly Knot Today Conditioner

Take the first section of hair and hold it approximately one inch from ends. Use one hand to anchor the stand while using a wide tooth comb to slowly detangle. Work  slowly and gently up the strand towards the scalp.

Remember hair is more fragile when wet and it's important not to tug, pull or hurry.  Work your way around the entire scalp.

When finished, rinse the hair well and finish with a cool rinse.  Towel blot and detangle any sections which still appear to have snags or knots.  It will be a lot easier than trying to detangle hair when dry.

Detangling Dry Hair

If it's not possible to detangle curly strands during the cleansing process, make sure hair is first prepped with a light misting of water mixed with a light leave-in conditioner.

Goody Hair Sectioning Clips Goody Hair Sectioning Clips

Follow the same process describe above.  Take individual 1" sections of hair at a time.  Hold the strand approximately one inch from ends. Use one hand to anchor the stand while using a wide tooth comb to slowly detangle.

As you finish one section, clip it out of the way and work on the adjacent hair. Eventually you will work your way around the entire scalp.

If the hair starts to dry out as you detangle, spritz with the water bottle to rehydrate.

Summary - Other Naturally Textured Hair Tips & Tricks

If you're a parent of a naturally textured child and have never dealt with this type of hair don't worry.  Keep an eye out for other parents of naturally textured children and ask them for advice on products which work with them.

Ask for recommendations of professional hair stylists in your area who specialize in natural curls or texture.  A great stylist can show you lots of great tricks for keeping your child's natural curls healthy and fabulous.

Luckily for Minnie Driver's curly hair son Henry, his mum has learned all the tricks to having spectacular ringlets.  Henry's curls are definitely in great hands.

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