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Curly Girl Minnie Driver Shows Off Her Ringlets On Ellen And Talks About Her Experience With Bullies

Actress Minnie Driver had a lot to talk about on her visit today on Ellen. Minnie has appeared on Ellen several times before and they get along so well it feels like watching two old friends hanging out together.

Minnie looked amazing in a rich poppy hued, sleeveless, short fitted shift, which showcased her post-baby body. Her natural chocolate brown ringlets were styled to cascade down around her face and shoulder from a center part. Ellen played a clip from Minnie's newest movie, Conviction. For her role in the movie the British actress also showcased her natural curls.

As a curl watcher, I love to catch Minnie's various appearances because she more often than not rocks her natural texture. Unlike other curly girl celebs, Minnie continues to show off her natural hair even as her career path changes. This is not the case with a lot of performers who tend to ditch their god-given textures as their careers progress. Case in point? Julianna Marguiles who has gone with much straighter and sleeker looks since her days starring on TV's ER.

Breast Feeding Every Five Minutes

After greeting Ellen on stage Minnie explained "it was quite weird watching that clip (of the movie) because I just had my son when I made that film. And when I saw the film for the first time I was like 'good God, that's what happened' I don't remember a single moment, really, of shooting that film. I had this new born baby, I was breast feeding every five minutes and it was really hard."

Minnie's two year old son Henry has white blonde hair. Ellen showed a clip of him in the car playing a guitar and singing. Minnie couldn't really explain Henry's white white hair. She said "his dad is dark, his dad's not blonde" but apparently her mother is "very blonde" and the actress said "I think" Henry blonde hair "is a throwback to her Viking roots."

Minnie's Experience With Her Own Bully

After discussing her upcoming Halloween costume she said "I'm so grateful for everything you've been doing about bullying." Minnie had her own experiences with being bullied as a child but even more so she told Ellen she's thinking about her son and the fact he's "about to begin his journey in a year of so" with school and may face the challenges of bullies.

In relating her own experiences with bullies in school Minnie said "it's so important that we address it that it's part of our community, that we're talking about it." She noted that the only way to cause a change in the current issue with bullies is to get it into consciousness with talking.

We Should All Respect Each Other

Ellen said "these kids grow up to disrespect other people. We should learn to respect everybody" Minnie said when she was nine years old a new girl arrived at her school where she was "completely happy and confident" and for whatever reason the new girl decided "to take me down" and for the "next five years, just every single day repeatedly" targeted Minnie. The actress said it was "just abusive and frightening."

How did Minnie get the bully to stop? She said "very oddly, and while I would never advocate any kind of violence, it really wasn't until I finally realized I could fight back and I literally smacked her and it never happened again. But it took until I was 12 or 12 1/2."

Minnie Facing Her Bully To Get Answers

Minnie told Ellen she ran into her childhood bully quite by chance at a party and got "chills and fear in my stomach when I saw her".

The actress asked her bully why she "systematically and repeatedly bullied" her and the bully said "it was my identity. My identity was to, I was frightned of who you were, creative, loud and sort of gregarious. My identity became stopping that and shutting that down in you, because it was shut down in me."

Minnie said "the minute I realized she was in a way as damaged as I had felt damaged. It was an interesting and good moment." Minnie said most people don't get the opportunity to face their tormentors as she did, but it helped her get clarity.

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