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Alyssa Milano Sexy Mistress Hair

Introduction - Alyssa Milano Sexy Mistress Hair

Alyssa Milano as Savi on ABC's Mistresses Alyssa Milano as Savi on ABC's Mistresses

Former Who's The Boss (Samantha Micelli) and Charmed (Phoebe Halliwell) star Alyssa Milano (born December 19, 1972) brings sexy mistress hair to the juicy part of Savannah 'Savi' Davis on ABC's Mistresses.

Who better to play the part of a driven married attorney who is both strong and sexy? Even better, Alyssa's character is struggling with her husband's desire to have a baby which could put a crimp on her very successful law career.

Art Imitates Life - Having a Career And A Baby

Ironically the actress just had her first baby and told Us Weekly before the show premiere "I had just given birth when we shot the pilot, so I was still breastfeeding."

As a result, she pumped breast milk every two hours in between takes on set.  Obviously the actress could teach Savi a thing or two about having a baby and a successful career at the same time.

Playing Flawed Women On Screen

The hot Summer ABC show is a revamp of the popular BBC drama.  Alyssa also told Us how pleased she was to nab this new role which features an featuring an ensemble cast.

She notes "I love playing women that are flawed, and right from the pilot, she (Savi) makes a decision that has some heavy consequences." 

Alyssa Milano On Charmed Alyssa Milano On Charmed

Alyssa said "I knew that exploration would be really challenging and fun to play."

Although the cast (Yunjin Kim, Jes Macallan, Rochelle Aytes, Jason George, Brett Tucker and Erik Stocklin) is bursting with some gorgeous men and women generating their own share of steam, the basis of ABC's show is the friendship between women and the support they show each other through thick and thin.

The actress who played the supportive Halliwell sister on Charmed for 178 episodes knows a thing or two about working with other women on set.  During her time on Charmed Alyssa was reportedly very close friend with co-star Holly Marie Combs who played sister Piper Halliwell.

Obviously Alyssa is one of those women other women want as their best friends.

During her Us Weekly interview Alyssa discussed the key element of the women's close friendships.  She said "We have the support of our friends.  If they can't be honest with you, then who can?"  She explained "Combined they make the perfect woman.  They each represent different parts of a woman's psyche and being, and they complete each other."

Alyssa Milano Sexy Mistress Hair Tips

The Mistress show runners with a little help from Alyssa's naturally gorgeous hair and on-set hairdressers do a great job of telegraphing the strong and sexy images through her hairstyles. In the premiere show Alyssa wore her chocolate brunette tresses cascading down around her shoulders in ultra sexy shiny waves which was appropriate for her tryst with her hot co-worker.

Alyssa Milano - Updo Bun Alyssa Milano - Updo Bun

On the second show Alyssa's hair was pulled up and wrapped into a beautiful, yet conservative bun (see image to the side) which was perfect for meeting with clients and expressing her no-nonsense personality at morning coffee with her friends.  It was brilliant hair play.

History Of Taking On-Set Hair Risks

I've been a fan of Alyssa's since her early Boss days and she was my favorite witch on Charmed. I love how Alyssa's characters take risks with their hair styles, lengths, color and texture.

Any fan of Alyssa's probably remembers her dramatic chop while she was on Charmed.  She looked adorable with her newly shorn pixie, but it was definitely headline grabbing, especially in the celebrity and hair worlds.

Summary - Alyssa Milano Sexy Mistress Hair

While I might not have added ABC's new Mistresses to my Tivo schedule without Alyssa Milano as part of the cast, there's no way I would miss it knowing she would be bringing her charismatic energy and gorgeous hair to the series.

So far, after just two episodes I'm thrilled at how Alyssa has showcased her sexy mistress hair.  I'm sure there are many more great hair surprises coming down the pipe for Alyssa character.  If you love great TV hair, be sure to check out ABC's latest sizzling series.

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