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Shampoo With Whale Poop

Introduction - Shampoo With Whale Poop

Bvlgari Shampoo Bvlgari Shampoo

Would you use a shampoo with whale poop, regardless of how precious the poop was considered?  Many people might be at a loss to answer this controversial question.

You might wonder if there are even shampoos or related hair products which have whale poop as ingredients?  Indeed there are.  In fact, {{asin=B004CALFE4,text=BVLGARI WHITE shampoo by Bvlgari for Men and Women}} lists fragrance notes of White Tea, Musk, Artemisia Leaves, Ambergris, White Pepper and Ablemosk.  In essence, fragrance notes of whale poop.

Whale Poop In Hair, Beauty And Aroma Trades

Whale poop is actually known in the hair, beauty and aroma trades as Ambergris.  What is Amergris? It's a waxy substance excreted from the intestines of sperm whales.  Translation?  Whale poop.

It seems sperm whales are unable to digest the beaks of giant squid, which they consume as part of their diet.  This giant squid beak waste is part of what whales excrete which is ambergris.

Whale poop is one of the most sought-after substances in the entire world.  Depending upon the demand, the whale waste sells for approximately $20 or more a gram.

Creed Perfume Creed Perfume

Aroma Of  Fecal Odor

Freshly produced ambergris has a marine, fecal odor. However, as it ages, it acquires a sweet, earthy scent commonly likened to the fragrance of rubbing alcohol without the vaporous chemical astringency.

Ambergris can be found in the Atlantic Ocean and on the coasts of South Africa, Brazil, Madagascar, the East Indies, The Maldives, China, Japan, India, Australia, New Zealand, and the Molucca Islands.

Although in rare cases, it can be found in other locations. Most commercially collected ambergris comes from The Bahamas in the Caribbean, particularly New Providence.

According to history, Muslin traders in the 10th century sold Ambergris for use as an aphrodisiac.

Herman Melville wrote about “an essence found in the inglorious bowels of a sick whale,” which was used in "perfumery, in pastiles, precious candles, hair powder and pomatum" which is hairdressing products consisting of a perfumed oils or ointments.

Whale Poop In Pie

MincemeatPie-18_200h Mincemeat Pie

More recently, it has appeared in overpriced delicacies, such as the $4,700 mince pie created for charity by U.K. food designer Andrew Stellitano, and even more overpriced perfumes.

In 2005, a 200-year-old fragrance originally made for Marie Antoinette, which featured ambergris as a main ingredient, was reproduced in limited quantities for $11,000 a bottle.

Authentic Ambergris {{asin=B0014W45BS,text=Love In White Perfume by Creed for women Personal Fragrances}} is outlawed in some countries including the United States.

Although it's possible to still find some hair, beauty and fragrance products with the real whale excrement, many companies have begun switching to synthetic versions.

Creed is a brand which is known, in some cases, to include authentic Ambergris.

Summary -  Shampoo With Whale Poop

Would you pour whale poop on your head?  In some circles Ambergris, which is the technical name for whale excrement, is highly sought after and worth it's weight in gold.

Only you can be the judge whether or not you'd use whale poop on your hair, skin or body?

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