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Bright Hair Colors In Dark Times

Introduction - Bright Hair Colors In Dark Times

Purple Hair Purple Hair

Back in the March 7, 2003 issue of The Wall Street Journal, the Spring Fashion trend of pushing bright colors was covered.

Fast forward to Spring of 2013 and the hair industry is pushing vibrantly sunny hair colors such as lemon yellow, {{asin=B007VDWDAY,text=poppy red}} and turquoise blue.

Hair experts are also pushing {{asin=B007VDWDAY,text=pinks}}, purples and every imaginable pastel.

Hair colorists are predicting the hottest color for Spring 2013 will be shades of {{asin=B007VDWDAY,text=purple}}.  Not just highlights, tips or accent strands, but all over lilac, violet or plum.

Fashion Industry's Goals To Encourage Spending With Color

As The WSJ noted, the fashion industry back in Spring 2003 was struggling to encourage consumers to hit the stores and open their wallets.  In an effort to make consumers feel happy, the fashion industry ditched basic colors and introduced vibrant patterns, miniskirts, even polka-dot.

The fashion industry discovered that the color pink made consumers feel happy, optimistic and ready to shop.

Is it just a coincidence that pink, purple and blue hued colors have become mainstream options in the hair world?  Or is part of a well-conceived plan by the hair industry to enhance it's services to entice cost conscious consumers back to salons?

Turning Around Sliding Apparel Sales With Poppy Reds, Lemon Yellows & Polka Dots

Back in 2003 when the fashion industry was struggling to turn around years of sliding apparel sales with poppy reds, lemon yellows and vibrant polka dots, consumers weren't exactly going on shopping sprees. Even though consumers were bored with the basic colors and styles they were still holding onto their wallets.

Purple Manic Panic Hair Color Purple Manic Panic Hair Color

Figures don't lie. Sales of women's apparel dropped 6.1% to $83.6 billion in 2002 while menswear sales slid 1.8% to $51.8 billion according apparel market researchers.

This slide occurred even after fashion designers tried to entice consumers in 2002 with brightly hued accents on basic neutrals. The plan to lure consumers into stores fell flat.

The Gap's Grasshopper Green Raincoat

For 2003 the fashion industry decided to take the brightly hued accents from 2002 and move them into mainstream. The Gap dyed its basic classic raincoat a happy version of green.

JC Penney showcased whimsical peasant tops in bright floral prints and labeled their Spring Collection the Nifty Fifties. Designer Donna Karan blew out her bright retro dresses at Bergdorf Goodman.

Even though consumers were initially tempted to ditch their cost effective basics, in the end, they found little reason to replace perfectly good clothes hanging in their closets.

Consumers Stayed Away From New Collections

Turquoise Blue Hair - Image From Jerome Russell - Punky Hair Color Turquoise Blue Hair - Image From Jerome Russell - Punky Hair Color

Although some shoppers succumbed to the brightly hued collections the majority stayed away in droves. Why? Bad weather, fear of terrorist attacks at large malls, concern over war and the soft economy.

In the end, the vibrant hues introduce by the fashion world in 2002 and 2003 to win consumer dollars ultimately failed.

The Rise Of Brightly Hued Tresses

The hair industry generally follows trends set by the fashion industry. Which may explain the rise of {{asin=B000F4D0NA,text=brightly hued}} tresses in the hair world for 2013.

The rise in popularity of brightly colored strands also leads to an interesting question. What effect will brightly hued tresses have on consumer spending patterns in the professional hair industry?

If hair consumers embrace the 2013 trend for vibrant hair colors it will definitely drive increased business to hair salons.

Since brightly hued tresses can be accomplished through all-over hair color, highlights, clip-in or fusion hair extensions and wigs, there's definitely an opportunity for hairstylists to offer a wide range of hair color related services.

Purple Hair Purple Hair

There are also lots of great options for consumers who want to try their hand with {{asin=B007VDWDAY,text=DIY hair color}} and try out the hot new colors.

If hair consumers adopt a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) approach to going with alternative hues, color correction specialists may also benefit if or when the projects go awry.

Summary - Bright Hair Colors In Dark Times

Hair experts are predicting an increased demand for vibrant and alternative fashion hair colors such as lemon yellow, poppy red and turquoise or {{asin=B007VDWDAY,text=aqua blue}} for 2013.

The color {{asin=B000NSQ63E,text=purple}} is expected to be one of the most popular hair colors of the year. Pastels are also expected to be very popular.

Will the hair industry be more successful than the world of fashion in utilizing bright colors to drive increased consumer spending?  Or will only a small percentage of hair consumers adopt the vibrant fashion hair colors leaving the trend to fall flat?

Only time will tell.  In the meantime, will you be adopting the new lemon yellows, poppy reds, pinks or purples?

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