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8 Reasons Turban Hair Accessories Fail

Introduction - 8 Reasons Turban Hair Accessories Fail

Turban From 2013 Rachel Zoe Fashion Collection Turban From 2013 Rachel Zoe Fashion Collection

I'll never forget the first time I spotted turban style hair accessories on the fashion runways many years ago.  They looked stunning on perfectly coiffed models as they glided down fashion runways around the Globe.

Shortly afterwards HairBoutique was chock full of hair accessory style turbans in every style, color and price point.  Unfortunately, I was naive about these exotic hair accessories and didn't understand the key 8 reasons turban hair accessories fail for the average woman with everyday hair.

While turban hair accessories look exotic and spectacular on super models with picture perfect hair created by a hidden team of superstar hair stylists, listed below are the 8 reasons turban hair accessories fail for the average person as a go-to hair accessory:

1.  Not compatible for all hair types - Unlike skinny headbands or accent hair clips, turban hair accessories do not look good on all hair types, textures, lengths and styles.  Medium to wide turbans will swallow up a short chic crop or chop hairstyle and leave a wide expanse of forehead.  Ditto for the classic bobs and pobs.

Classic shags also are at a disadvantage with turban style hair accessories.  The reality?  Only people with long tresses and a beautiful face can easily pull off a turban.

2.  Beautiful hairstyles may be compromised - While turbans may work well with some hair textures such as loose beachy waves and stick straight tresses, they often don't play well with lush natural textures such as bouncy curls and lush ringlets.  Turbans hide glorious natural hair textures which are meant to shimmer and shine. 

SD HairTurban - Image From SD HairTurban - Image From

Why cover up stunning hair textures?  Turbans can also leave behind unwanted hair wrinkles, crinkles and creases which require post-wear hair repair.

3.  Facial flaws are highlighted - While many hair accessories will actually pull the eye up and away from that bump in your nose, dark circles, crows feet or stress lines, turbans highlight them. Ditto with double, pointed or recessed chins.  Regardless how a turban is worn, they take up a lot of real estate on your hair.  The result?  A redirection to your face and all that carefully applied make-up may be instantly invalidated.

4.  Turbans slip and slide - Many years ago when jumped on the turban hair accessory band wagon, we received several customer care emails about difficulty in keeping the turbans positioned on the head.  A gorgeous hair turban made out of a luscious silk or satin can become a nightmare when worn on equally silky or satiny strands.  While there are tricks to keeping a turban firmly in place on the head, it may be much more trouble than it's worth.

5.  Hair accessory fad - Like everything else on the fashion runways, turbans cycle in and out of popularity in the blink of the eye.  While it's true they offer a dramatic viewpoint to show off some equally spectacular fashions, they don't usually play well at the local market, in your favorite Starbucks drive through or in many office settings.

6.  Weather challenges - While a hair turban can look amazing with a new Fall coat and hot boots, are you going to wear a turban every day?  Probably not.  Even worse, turbans don't work in hot steamy climates like the South, rainy climates like the Northwest or in snow or sleet where moisture can render a beautiful silk, satin or velvet turban ruined in a matter of minutes.  Even wind can cause havoc with a carefully applied turban.

Would You Hide Gorgeous Ringlets Under A Turban? Would You Hide Gorgeous Ringlets Under A Turban?

7.  Budget busters - Although the economy has been challenging for many over the past few years, hair fashionistas have figured out ways to have their favorite hair accessories while maintaining their budgets.  Hair turbans often encompass a lot more material then the average headband and tend to cost a lot more.  While it's possible to find inexpensive turban hair accessories, you really do get what you pay for.

8.  Short shelf life - Since turbans tend to be seasonal and have a limited shelf life, your hair accessory budget may be blown for an item you can only wear a few times versus classic hair accessories you can recycle for years.

Summary - 8 Reasons Turban Hair Accessories Fail

While everyday hair turbans work very well as a protective device for face cleansing, air drying newly cleansed tresses or creating beautifully formed curls and waves, they often don't translate as well for external hair wear.

Hair turbans are also often associated with accessories utilized to hide a bad hair day or cover hair loss resulting from serious medical conditions.

They also require a certain personality and style.  Lady Gaga could definitely wear a turban with ease while Ellen would look ridiculous.  In fact, don't be surprised if Ellen Degeneres doesn't pop on a turban as part of a skit on The Ellen Show to get a laugh.  I certainly wouldn't put it past her.

As always, I'm a huge fan of wearing hairstyles and fashions to please yourself, regardless of what the hair, beauty and fashion experts might say.  If you love turbans and feel beautiful wearing them, you should definitely follow your heart and embrace the latest hair accessory trend.

If you're unsure whether you're a turbanista or not, consider the 8 reasons turban hair accessories fail before throwing caution to the winds.

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