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Sassy Platinum Blonde Medium Length Glam Bubble Curls How To

Introduction - Sassy Platinum Blonde Medium Length Glam Bubble Curls How To

PlatinumBlondeGlam-11_250h Sassy Platinun Blonde Medium Length Bubble Curls

A sassy platinum blonde medium length glam bubble curled hairstyle is very stylish and can be adjusted to look fabulous on just about anyone.  Platinum blonde hair is always in style and is considered by many to be glamorous and elegant.

Many celebrities such as Pink, Gwen Stefani, Ellen, Carey Mulligan, Agyness Deyn, Miley Cyrus and Michelle Williams have grabbed the spotlight with their gorgeous icy blonde hues.

While short hair is very fashionable right now, some celebrities like Michelle Williams are growing their hair to longer lengths and adding sassy glam bubble style curls.

Steps - Create Sassy Platinum Blonde Medium Length Glam Bubble Curls How To

Create this sassy hairstyle with the following steps and achieve glam bubble curls with lasting power.

1. Shampoo detangled strands in lukewarm water with a cleansing formula custom designed for your hair type, texture and current condition.

Note:  Hair which is bleached, colored, highlighted and/or lowlighted may benefit from Diluted Shampoo (DS) Formulas or Low Poo, No Poo or Condition Only Wash (CoW) options.

2.  After rinsing shampoo apply a rinse out conditioner from the middle to the ends of the hair.  Detangle with fingers and/or a hair-friendly wide tooth comb.  Work in individual sections from the ends to the roots.

Gwen Stefani Pulled Back Platinum Blonde Hairstyle With Curls Gwen Stefani Pulled Back Platinum Blonde Hairstyle With Curls

3.  Rinse well and finish with a cool/cold water rinse which helps encourage shine and closes the cuticle.

4.  Towel blot to remove excess moisture.

5.  Apply desired leave-in styling cocktail which may or may not include a detangling product, leave-in conditioner and a defrisant or similar.

6.  Add a firm-hold styling mousse, cream or similar to damp strands working from the roots to the ends in individual sections.

7.  If hair is naturally curly, wavy or naturally textured, use a blow dryer with a long finger attachment to encouragement formation of natural texture.  If hair has minimal natural texture opt for using a 100% boar's bristle medium sized brush to encourage bubble curl formation.  Separate hair into individual 2" sections.  Roll brush around strands and blow dry.

8.   When hair is 85 - 90% dry use 1 to 1 1/2" barrel curling iron to create bubble curls.

Note:  If you prefer to avoid potential heat styling damage, create a pin curl, rag or roller wet set.  Roll hair in individual sections on pins or curls.  Sit under a hood or bonnet style dryer until hair is 100% dry.  Or you can allow hair to air dry.

9.  When utilizing a curling iron to create curls be sure to twist the iron up to the roots and pull firmly outwards. Repeat until desired curls are created on each section of hair. Roll finished curl with fingers into a faux roller and pin to the scalp to allow curls to cool and set.  Work around the entire head until the desired texture has been achieved.

10.  After curls have been allowed to cool and set, unpin entire head.  Bend over at the waist and gently tousle and shake curls to loosen.

Taylor Swift With Spiral Curls Taylor Swift With Spiral Curls

11.   For a tousled finish run fingers through the newly formed curls.

12.  Spritz palms of hands with shine spray.

Massage spray into the palms of the hands and lightly swipe over the top of the finished style.   Optionally you may prefer to massage shine serum onto the fingertips before finger raking through the curls.


Although this sassy hairstyle looks fantastic with icy platinum blonde tresses, it can be created on any hair hue, hair length, type and texture.

Taylor Swift is famous for her own version of glam bubble curls created on her blonde hair which is usually a little darker blonde.  Glam bubble curls are perfect for Taylor because she has naturally curly hair.

This is also a versatile hairstyle. It can easily be glammed up with crystal encrusted hair accessories such as headbands or bobbies.  It can also be dressed down by pulling the curls back into a bun or small pony.

If the curls are rolled or pin curled before bed, the texture can last for more than one day.

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