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Curly Haired Girl Lea Michele

Introduction - Curly Haired Girl Lea Michele

Curly Girl Lea Michele With Long Straight Hair Curly Girl Lea Michele With Long Straight Hair

Since May 2009 when Glee first made it's entrance into TV Land,the lovely Lea Michele, 26, has been a fan favorite.

In the past four years after Lea sang her first note as Glee Club member Rachel Berry, she's also become a media darling with extensive coverage of her long brunette tresses.

Although Rachel usually wears her hair long and bone straight, Lea Michele is a curly haired girl.  Although Lea has some of the most respected celebrity hairstylists on her speed dial, having perfect shiny strands is one of her top priorities.

The Glee star, who is enjoying a long and public romance with her co-star Corey Monteith, was selected by Dove hair products to front one of their high profile hair campaigns.

Curly Haired Girl Lea Michele's Hair Challenges

Since the unpopular Rachel Berry is straight-haired, Lea is required to have her naturally curly hair straightened every day she's on the Glee set.  All that straightening and constant styling makes Lea's hair prone to lots of wear and tear.

Besides having her hair blown out straight, it's also hot ironed.  On top of that, she has confessed to wearing hair extensions which takes her hair through even more abuse on a daily basis.

Naturally curly hair tends to be more fragile than other types and textures of hair and is much more prone to breakage when over washed, dried, heat styled and over handled.

Giving Curly Hair A Break

Lea Michele With Loose Waves Lea Michele With Loose Waves

Lea understands the challenges of her natural curls and have learned to keep her curls healthy by giving her hair a break when she's not filming.

The Glee star doesn't over-wash her hair and avoids any type of hot air or flat iron styling whenever possible.  The mega talented Glee actress swears by slathering in leave-in conditioner after washing and letting her natural curls air dry without heat.  Like other naturally textured girls, Lea understands the important of keeping curls and wavers properly hydrated.

Get Lea Michelle's Lush Voluminous Waves  - Step By Step How To

When Lea makes her highly anticipated appearances at various award shows she seems to enjoy wearing her naturally textured hair with lots of sexy root volume extending into loose waves rather than tight curls.

1.  Cleanse detangled and pre-treated hair in lukewarm water with a product designed for your hair type, texture and current condition.

If you have chemically treated hair or hair which is very dry or damaged you may wish to consider washing with a Diluted Shampoo (DS) formula or a Low-Poo, No-Poo or Conditioner Only Wash (CoW).  Be sure to use a hydrating formula.

2.  Rinse cleansing formula completely from hair.  Use fingers to gently squeeze excess water from hair in an accordion style movement.

3. Apply a moisturizing conditioner to the hair from the top of the ears down to the ends.  Working in small sections from the ends to the roots, detangle with a smooth wide tooth comb and/or fingers.  Detangle entire head of hair working from side to side.

4.  Rinse hair completely and finish with a cool/cold water rinse.

Curly Girl Lea Michele With Loose Wavy Updo Curly Girl Lea Michele With Loose Wavy Updo

5.  Towel blot hair to remove excess moisture.

6.  Apply a leave-in styling cocktail including, but not limited to a leave-in conditioner, detangler or similar.  Add a volumizing mousse or similar style product.  Work through damp strands from roots to ends.

7.  Use a round brush and style hair in small sections of hair.  Direct the brush and hair away from the face while blow drying.   This will add lots of soft volume.

8.  After hair is completely dry, separate into 2" sections.  Roll entire head of hair on large hot rollers.  After h0t curlers have completely cooled unroll each section and roll into an open barrel curl.  Pin against the scalp and let curls continue to set.

Before leaving the house use fingers to deconstruct and break up the curls.  Use a 100% boar bristle flat or paddle brush to finish the style.

Apply a tiny drop of shine serum or similar to the palms of your hands.  Massage well into the palms of your hands.  Either lightly swipe your hands over the top of your finished style or finger pick through strands.

Summary - Curly Haired Girl Lea Michele

Transitioning natural curls into soft waves is much easier and less damaging then forcing natural coils into stick straight strands.  When Lea does showcase lush waves she looks smokin' hot and her hair looks soft, shiny and super healthy.

Lea definitely knows how to rock stunning hairstyles on the red carpet which are designed to work in perfect harmony with her spectacular fashions.

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