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Cut Free Brittany Snow Hairstyle

Introduction - Cut Free Brittany Snow Hairstyle

Brittany Snow With Long Cinnamon Wavy Red Hair & Anna Kendrick Brittany Snow With Long Cinnamon Wavy Red Hair & Anna Kendrick

Actress Brittany Snow is wonderful as Chloe in the film Pitch Perfect.  The beautiful actress showcases long rich cinnamon red hair with has lots of long precision layers.

Going red was just one of the many hair journeys Brittany has taken since 2009 when she had long lush dark chocolate tresses which formed loose ringlet curls around her shoulders.

The rich chocolate hair color offered a dramatic contrast to Brittany's beautiful blue eyes.

Brittany Snow With Long Lush White Blonde Wavy Hair

From 2011 - 2012 Brittany co-starred as Jenna in NBC's Harry's Law.  Her former dark chocolate brunette tresses were transformed into long lush white blonde hair.

Her hair had subtle layers with soft waves woven throughout the perimeter.

Brittany Snow With Short Sassy Bob

Recently Brittany appeared as a guest star on Fox/TV's Ben & Kate as Lila.  She played a new love interest for series regular Tommy ((Echo Kellum).   As part of the plot Lila and Kate had a misunderstanding involving Tommy.

Brittany Snow as Jenna Backstrom on Harry's Law Brittany Snow as Jenna Backstrom on Harry's Law

Brittany looked adorable with a short sassy honey blonde razored bob worn with with one side tucked behind her ears.  Brittany's short haircut was a departure from her past long lush wavy and curly hairstyles.

Although she had transitioned from red to blonde on Ben & Kate, Brittany's hue was more honey than her previous Harry's Law white blonde.

Did Brittany cut her hair into the short sassy bob or was she utilizing a cut free Brittany Snow hairstyle trick listed below?

Brittany Snow On Ben & Kate With Short Choppy Honey Bob

Sometimes you see a haircut like Brittany's short bob think it looks amazing.  You may want to try it for yourself, but may be hesitant to go for a big chop of your tresses.  What if you don't like the cut after you submit to the scissors?

It's a lot easier to try out a cut free version of a short hair style and decide later if you want to make it permanent.

Tips On How To Achieve Cut Free Brittany Snow Bob

Brittany Snow With Long Chocolate Brown Hair Brittany Snow With Long Chocolate Brown Hair

If you'd like to copy Brittany Snow's short sassy Ben & Kate bob it's possible to do so without making drastic hair changes.  Listed below is a commitment-free way to change up your hair style.

1.  On second day or newly cleansed and blow dried strands apply shine serum or spray to prevent and smooth fly-a-ways.

Note:  If you wish to use shine serum apply one drop to the palms of your hands.  Massage together and then use fingers to rake through all of the hair from the top of the earlobes down to the ends.

Avoid the roots.   Shine hairspray can also be utilized.  Spritz a tiny amount into the palms of the hands and massage together.  Finger pick through tresses.

2.  Use a comb with a long tail creating a horizontal part which runs from ear to ear across the back of the head positioned right under the crown.  Pull the top hair up on top of the head.  Secure the top hair with a jaw, claw or banana style slip.

Brittany Snow With Short Choppy Honey Blonde Bob Brittany Snow With Short Choppy Honey Blonde Bob

3.  Use a boar bristle brush to brush the bottom half of your hair to remove any tangles.

4.  Take the bottom half of your hair, and fold 2" sections up to your scalp. Use one or more bobby pins to anchor the ends of your hair tightly to your head.Use as many pins as necessary for tight hold.

5.  Unclip the top of your hair. If your hair is layered, let the shorter layers cascade over the tucked-in anchored hair pieces.

6.  If your hair is all one length, roll the ends of the top half under the bottom pinned sections.  Pin it in a few places to secure it there.

7.  Finish by spritzing the pinned sections with hairspray.

Brittany Snow With Short Choppy Bob Hairstyle Brittany Snow With Short Choppy Bob Hairstyle

8.  Give the faux bob an edgy look by building in texture with loose waves.  Or add a side swept fringe to blend in long front pieces.

If you prefer, a fringe and large barrel curls will look classic and very sophisticated.

You may also wish to play with a range of hair accessories to create a unique finish.

Summary - Cut Free Brittany Snow Hairstyle

Brittany has transitioned through a wide range of hair colors, lengths and textures over the past three years.

From her 2009 brunette strands Brittany went back to white blonde for Harry's Law, rich cinnamon for Pitch Perfect and short honey blonde for her appearance on Ben & Kate.

If you'd like to try out Brittany's short hairstyle without the commitment of a short cut, this blog tells you how.

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