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Celebrity Hairstylist Sherri Jessee

Introduction - Celebrity Hairstylist Sherri Jessee

Sherri Jessee - Image Courtesy of Sherri Jessee Sherri Jessee - Image Courtesy of Sherri Jessee

Celebrity hairstylist Sherri Jessee was born and raised in Washington, D.C. Even as a young girl Sherri was fascinated by beautiful hair.  Take the late Farrah Fawcett for example.

Sherri really admired Farrah's precision cut feathered hairstyle which was a highly coveted hairstyle by women around the world.

She wanted to copy the style on her own hair.  Unfortunately when Sherri was growing up visits to the salon were very few and far between.

Not willing to give up on her dream of beautiful winglike layers, Sherri took matters into her own hands.  She "cut off an inch" of her own hair "at a time" hoping her parents wouldn't notice.  Slowly and surely she began cutting into the layers."

Around that same time, after a "traumatizing" trip to the barbershop with her father, Sherri starting doing the hair of her younger sister Karen.

She became her baby sister's personal stylist. Everything turned out for the best.  Apparently Karen liked Sherri's hair styling technique.   Speed ahead a few years and Karen is now Sherri's salon manager.

Sherri Jessee With Miss Virginia 2012 & Miss Virginia Teen 2012 Sherri Jessee With Miss Virginia 2012 & Miss Virginia Teen 2012

Although Sherri admitted she never thought of hairdressing as a "real career", she remembers being a young girl and "drawing pictures of hair styles".

Not believing she could have a successful career in the world of hair she majored in theater while in college.

Unfortunately, her tuition was so steep she couldn't afford it, and decided to consider some other career.  A friend suggested Sherri go to cosmetology school.

She decided to take her friend's advice and went to Virginia Academy of Hairstyling.  After putting in the hard work in school, she made it through and learned some valuable lessons about speed and accuracy.

Her first job after beauty school was working at The Hair Zoo, a top salon in town owned by a husband and wife team.

The salon was commission-based which was initially challenging for Sherri.  Although it took her some time to build up her business, she didn't get discouraged and worked hard to build her reputation in the hair world.

Internationally Acclaimed Hairstylist

Sherri Jessee With Miss Virginia USA & Miss Virginia Teen USA Sherri Jessee With Miss Virginia USA & Miss Virginia Teen USA

From those early beginnings Sherri's career has literally exploded.  Combined knowledge gleaned through a Bachelor’s Degree in Education and extensive field-work make her a well-recognized guru for all things beauty and fashion.

The Elite Member of the RUSK Creative Team is now Internationally acclaimed for her hair and make-up work for a long list of celebrities including the gorgeous Nancy O'Dell.

Widely quoted as an industry expert, her hair and makeup work is featured in hundreds of acclaimed print publications as well as online including Cosmopolitan, OK!, Beauty Entertainment, Sophisticate’s Hairstyle Guide, Fox News and MTV Style.

Sherri Jessee Miss Virginia USA Official Hair Stylist

In November of 2011 it was announced Sherri had been named the preferred hair stylist for Miss Virginia USA 2012 and Miss Virginia Teen USA 2012.

Sherri provided consulting on hair and make-up to the pageant winners while continuing to provide hair care products and services throughout the various winner's reigns.

She also did hair and makeup for Miss Virginia USA Executive Director Kim Nicewonder Johnson as well as Pageant Host and TV personality Lauren Barnette.

Celebrity Hairstylist For Miss Sweden

Miss Sweden With Sherri Jessee Miss Sweden With Sherri Jessee

In addition to working in her busy Intercoiffure Salon, Sherri Jessee is keeping extremely busy as a freelancer.  In August of 2012 Sherri did hair and make-up for a Cirque Du Soleil inspired charity event for Healing Hands.

In December of 2012 Sherri was honored with the task of organizing a photo shoot, as well as doing hair and makeup, for Hanni Beronius, Miss Sweden.

The gorgeous Miss Sweden is in the United States preparing for the Miss Universe pageant.

Sherri enjoyed working with the lovely beauty queen who Sherri reported had "extreme intelligence, kindness, and gorgeous good looks."

Work With Major Haircare Company

Also making news, Sherri recently produced an advertising campaign for a major haircare company. Her hair and makeup work will be seen internationally in print, on-line, point of purchase and in video education.

Celebrity Hairstylist Sherri Jessee - One To Watch

Named "One to Watch," "A Woman of Style" and listed among "Top Platform Artists," by leading industry insiders, Sherri shines in all aspects of the beauty biz from hair, makeup, editorial/advertising campaigns, education, live TV interviews, and PR.

As 2012 comes to an end expect big things to continue to unfold for Sherri Jessee's spectacular career in the International hair and beauty world.

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