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Gorging On Mei Fa HairStyx

Introduction - Gorging On Mei Fa HairStyx

Mei Fa Hairstyx - Image Courtesy of Shaune Bazner Mei Fa Hairstyx - Image Courtesy of Shaune Bazner

A few days ago I was digging through a storage closet at where I discovered filed catalogs, purchase orders and correspondence for Mei Fa HairStyx (pronounced May Fah)  dating back to 2000.

It was ironic because at the beginning of the week we received a new Mei Fa shipment with all the latest hair styx designs.  I literally was gorging on Mei Fa HairStyx for days on ends.

When a new shipment of Mei Fa HairStyx arrive I study each and every set of gorgeous hand crafted hair styx before I lose control and buy up several pair for my own hip length hair.

I love to wear my long hair up in an array of twists, updos and knots secured by the sparkling Mei Fa HairStyx.

In the past I've gone so far as to buy Mei Fa HairStyx as gifts but at the last minute I can't bear to part with them.  So the Mei Fa gifts are unwrapped and join the rest of my personal Mei Fa collection tucked carefully away in my vanity.

My inability to prevent serious gorging on Mei Fa HairStyx when they arrive is legendary.

Shaun Bazner - Owner And Creator Of Mei Fa HairStyx

I'm just so grateful to Shaun Bazner for creating Mei Fa HairStyx in the first place. Shaun, the owner and creator of the Mei Fa HairStyx line, created her amazing trademarked shapes and styles in 1978.

Mei Fa HairStyx - Image From Shaune Bazner Mei Fa HairStyx - Image From Shaune Bazner

Necessity was the mother of invention for the charming long haired dancer.  Shaun was an African and Jazz dancer with very long hair.

When she was dancing, she struggled with keeping her hair up and out of the way with a wide range of hair clips and related hair accessories.

Although she tried various options, the results were dismal.  She developed headaches and hair breakage.  Out of necessity and the desire to keep her beautiful long tresses Shaun developed the now iconic Mei Fa HairStyx.

Mei Fa HairStyx Collections

Some of the Mei Fa HairStyx we carry in the Marketplace were in the very first collection we ordered over 12+ years ago.

Classic designs such as Calvin, Orchid Black, York and Kimono Silver (I own all of them) have remained available permanently in our on-line store since the very first Mei Fa HairStyx page was created.

Some Mei Fa designs were eventually retired for a variety of reasons, but were always replaced with chic, elegant and beautiful creations.  Of course each new collection would trigger a new gorging on Mei Fa HairStyx.

Mei Fa HairStyx - Image From Shaune Bazner Mei Fa HairStyx - Image From Shaune Bazner

Of course anyone who has worn the beautiful little hair gems probably understands my obsession with them.

Mei Fa HairStyx Are Timeless

There are so many advantages to wearing Mei Fa HairStyx.  Most designs are available in both short and long lengths for all types, textures and lengths of hair.

Even better, Mei Fa HairStyx are timeless.  They never go out of style or fashion.  Shaun Bazner creates designs which are much like that string of classic pearls you inherited from your grandmother.  They can be worn forever and then passed down through the generations.

Mei Fa HairStyx can be worn as a functional hair accessory to anchor a hair twist, bun or updo, or as pure decoration.

They can even be worn with half up/half down hairstyles or as a pony or braid accent.  Once I wore 14 Mei Fa HairStyx in a semi-circle around a ballerina style bun and won so many compliments.

Mei Fa HairStyx For All Hair Types, Textures, Lengths

Mei Fa HairStyx - Image Courtesy Of Shaune Bazner Mei Fa HairStyx - Image Courtesy Of Shaune Bazner

The Mei Fa designs are 100% hair friendly and never damage, rip or pull delicate tresses.  They are made from maple wood and topped with an array of beads, semi-precious stones and array of metals.

While there may be a short learning curve to putting the sticks into your favorite chignon, French braids, twists, ponytails, buns or updo hairstyles, with a little practice you'll be a pro.

Although I have proven to be a dismal failure at purchasing the beautiful hair accessories as gifts because I always want to keep them for myself, they are a wonderful gift option.

They are often spotted on brides, at formal hair events, on celebrities and on beautiful young ladies attending their prom, homecoming or Quinceanera.


Even men can wear Mei Fa HairStyx.   The Allwood Mei Fa HairStyx collection offers the same great function of the embellished styles, but in a plain wood design.

Mei Fa HairStyx - Courtesy of Shaune Bazner Mei Fa HairStyx - Courtesy of Shaune Bazner

I actually have a male acquaintance with waist length hair who owns several pairs of the Allwood Collection.  Like me he can often be found in front of the latest catalog gorging on Mei Fa HairStyx.

All of the Mei Fa HairStyx, either Singles or Pairs, come with an organdy pouch and instructions for creating numerous, simple hair designs.

Be sure to order short sticks for fine, thin, short to medium length hair and the long sticks for thick or long tresses. often has several different designs of Mei Fa HairStyx in stock.  However, all of the designs are custom designed and crafted and can take up to 3-4 weeks for delivery.

Special delivery options are sometimes available depending upon the designs.

For more information about the Mei Fa HairStyx or to inquire about custom orders please send an email to out Customer Care Team at [email protected].

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