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Hair Reflects Your Diet

Introduction - Hair Reflects Your Diet

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For many years scientists and hair experts have been preaching that the health of your hair reflects your diet.  Physicians have promoted the fact that our bodies, hair and skin are ultimately the results of what we eat.

Eating a nutritionally balanced diet will ultimately help to create healthy, shiny, long lush hair.  Due to a variety of factors in the modern world, it's no longer possible to get all of the body and hair's nutritional needs from foods.

There are just some vitamins, minerals and nutrients which are no longer available from ingesting a variety of foods.

Like all nutritional programs, there are some things which just can't be incorporated into the body from eating healthy meals.

Development Of HairTopia Hair Vitamins - Hair Reflects Your Diet

For that reason, HairTopia, an all-natural hair vitamin supplement which nourishes damaged and thinning hair was initially conceived and developed.   HairTopia also promotes regeneration of stalled follicles encouraging longer, stronger hair growth over time.

Since 2000, when HairTopia was first introduced to the hair world, many have attempted to copy this iconic hair vitamin formula, but have failed.

Great Lengths Great Lengths

HairTopia was developed specifically by an awarding winning nutraceutical chemist with the most cutting edge vitamins, nutrients, herbs and related ingredients.

Nourish Your Hair With Your Diet - What You Eat Effects More Than Your Weight

When hair is long, shiny and lush, it indicates a healthy balanced body.  Hair is very sensitive, not just only to challenging bad hair days, but to all the different imbalances which may occur in the body.

Human hair is one of the first and strongest indicators of physical imbalance and/or disease.  When this imbalance occurs, hair will often become, thin, brittle and prone to breakage. It may also begin to fall out with increasing frequency.  Thinning hair is one of the strongest indicators of nutritional imbalance.

Large Percentage Of People Experience Hair Thinning At Some Point - Hair Reflects Your Diet

According to experts, a large percentage of both men and women experience thinning hair at some point in their lifetime.  Although genetics, illness and other factors can play a part, many people who've suffered with thinning strands might have prevented this hair challenge through proper diet.

HairTopia is an all-natural supplement which nourishes damaged and thinning hair as well as promoting existing hair growth. According to hair experts  hair needs a consistent daily balance of healthy nutrients.

Hair By Great Lengths Hair By Great Lengths

When the body receives the nutrients it require,  the hair follicles are nourished.  This regenerates new hair growth while minimizing the occurrence of hair loss.

Taking Control Over Your Hair - Hair Reflects Your Diet

Making a commitment to taking daily hair vitamins like HairTopia or a similar hair vitamin program is the first step in taking control over your hair.

By managing your diet naturally and adding the appropriate supplements, nutrients and herbs you may be able to reverse many of non-permanent causes of thinning hair.

The Healthy Hair Diet - Hair Reflects Your Diet

Not all diets are created equal.  Listed below are some of the most important steps you can include in your daily life  to encourage luscious and healthy locks:

1. Take Hair Vitamins - Hair Reflects Your Diet

Hair By Great Lengths Hair By Great Lengths

Scientists believe there are some things you just can’t get from foods.  HairTopia has been formulated with a full range of vitamins, amino acids and herbs which trigger full, healthy hair growth.

HairTopia's unique formula has been reputed to help with a wide variety of hair concerns, including damaged hair as well as hair which is growth challenged

It also addresses non-genetic hair loss. The hair vitamins contain a high amount of amino acids (proteins) derived from natural origins.

It also includes Vitamin A, B-12, B5, Folic Acid, Biotin, Niacinaminde, Calcium, Copper, Iodine, Zinc, L-Cysteina, choline Bitartrate, Inositol and Selenium, Manganese.

It also includes  Turmeric, Horsetail Extract, Fo-ti roots, Rosemary Leaf, Burdock Root, Birch Bark, Rose Hips, Irish Moss, Dandelion Root, Yellow Dock Root, Elder Berry, Oat Straw, Green Tea, Comfrey, Alfalfa, Nettle Leaf, Sage and Kelp.

2. Drinking Water To Build Healthy Hair - Hair Reflects Your Diet

Drinking a minimum of eight 12-ounce glasses of water a day is essential for building the foundation of healthy hair.

Hair By Great Lengths Hair By Great Lengths

When hair becomes dehydrated it can develop a wide range of problem ranging from excessive dryness, scalp scaling, dandruff and brittleness.

Hair experts also suggest that whenever possible you avoid dehydrating beverages such as soft drinks or those which contain alcohol or high fructose corn syrup.

3. Load Up On Calcium Enriched Foods

Getting an adequate amount of calcium in your diet daily can promote hair growth and strengthen hair.

Calcium in the form of dairy products that are low in fat are the best choice, as well as leafy green vegetables.

4. Eat Protein

Hair is made of protein.  A protein deficiency may cause a loss of hair color.  It may also cause the hair to become brittle and prone to breakage.  Weak hair is often a telltale sign of protein deficiency.

Once someone with weak hair gets on the right nutritional track  they see marked improvements in their hair.  Incorporating lean protein such as chicken and beef.

Hair by Great Lengths Hair by Great Lengths

5. Incorporate Healthy Fats Into Your Daily Diet

Essential omega-3 fatty acids are key for a healthy scalp. People who consume few essential omega-3 fatty acids can experience brittle, dry hair and eventually hair loss.  Incorporate fish, nuts and healthy fats like olive oil to maintain a good balance.

How HairTopia Impacts Hair Growth Cycle

Hair is the second fastest growing tissue in the body.  Hair loss is only visible once you’ve lost more than 50% of your hair.

In a 2007 survey people considered their hair to be important to their overall appearance - making hair loss a point of concern for many.

What many people don’t realize is their hair follows a patterned growth cycle in which the hair is constantly being lost and then replaced again.

HairTopia Hair Growth Cycle

HairTopia works to stimulate the hair growth cycle over a period of six months.  Listed below are the general stages of hair recovery when taking HairTopia:

Months 1-2 -  HairTopia slows and nourishes thinning and/or damaged hair

Months 2-3 -  Hair becomes stronger.  Growth of existing hair is promoted

Months 3-4 -  HairTopia promotes the growth of dormant hairs, which are thin and wispy at first

Months 5-6 -  New hair becomes stronger, healthier and more vibrant

Hair by Great Lengths Hair by Great Lengths

Opting for a natural hair vitamin supplement to promote hair growth is the perfect option for anyone suffering from hair loss.

Even the most dedicated people may fall off course or not be able to include all of the necessary dietary requirements for healthy hair.

Recovery From Damaged Hair

HairTopia can be instrumental in a person's recovery from damaged hair, thinning or loss. Experts have found that natural products such as HairTopia can be just as effective as their synthetic counterparts, as well safe and more economical in clinical trials.

Hair experts believe many people experiencing hair loss may be suffering unnecessarily. Thinning hair can make a devastating negative impact on anyone's life.

Millions of American people suffer from damage hair.  The number is simply astounding.  It's a common issue which is often hidden from family members and friends. It can take over a person's entire existence.

HairTopia hair vitamins offers a simple solution which can help people overcome embarrassment and anxiety over thinning strands.

By making simple lifestyle changes and incorporating hair vitamins like HairTopia into your daily routine, it's possible to reverse the harmful effects of damaged and/or thinning hair.  It can help gain back confidence in the process.

About HairTopia Hair Vitamins

HairTopia is a scientifically designed vitamin, mineral, amino acids and herbal program (HairTopia Total) to enhance your body's ability to grow hair.

HairTopia Hair Vitamins HairTopia Hair Vitamins

HairTopia ensures  all the essential nutrients for hair growth are available to your body so that you can achieve your genetically predetermined maximum growth rate (GPMGR).

Most people never come close to their GPMGR due to a variety of factors including  poor nutrition, stress, lack of sleep, alcohol, smoking, etc.

HairTopia is designed to ensure that all the vital nutrients, many of which are robbed from the body by bad habits, are available to the body in the correct proportions to facilitate the body's ability to grow hair

Summary - Hair Reflects Your Diet

For decades scientists and nutritionists have told us we are what we eat.  This is especially true when it comes to hair.   To grow long, lush, healthy shiny strands, there are some key vitamins and nutrients which can't just be consumed in normal meals.

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