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Don't Cut Or Treat Hair By Void Of Course Moon

Introduction - Don't Cut Or Treat Hair By Void Of Course Moon

Don’t Cut Or Treat Hair By Void Of Course Moon Llewellyn's 2016 Astrological Calendar - Don’t Cut Or Treat Hair By Void Of Course Moon Llewellyn's 2016 Astrological Calendar -

Have you ever wondered why expert astrologers recommend you don't cut or treat hair by void of course moon times?

Many people successfully utilize the key moon phases (New, First Quarter, Full Moon, Third Quarter) specifically for hair and beauty treatments.

However, sometimes, following moon dates precisely for cutting or treating hair may unexpectedly not work as planned.

Why Void Of Course Moon Can Prevent Success

Why?  Because the planned activity or action may have fallen during the Void Of Course Moon. (voc moon or v/c moon).

How do I know?  I've been living by the Moon cycles since my teens.

Over the years I've tried to "beat" the Void Of Course Moon with predictably bad results.   As a result, I've gained great respect for the v/c Moon times.

It can often explain the unexplained in planning moon based hair and beauty events.

Definition Of Void Of Course Moon

The Moon travels through the twelve signs of the Zodiac every 28.5 days spending approximately 2.5 days in each sign.  The Moon also travels through the four major Moon phases during those 28.5 days.

The moon is void of course  when the moon makes no applying aspects to any other planet before she leaves the sign she's currently in.  As an example, if the Moon is in the sign of Cancer, but in the late degrees (26-29) and will not make any more aspects (either negative or positive) before moving into Leo, the Moon is Void Of Course (V/C).

Note:  Llewellyn's* Daily Planetary Guide lists v/c periods as part of the daily moon aspects and cycles.  When the moon is void it will be noted as v/c.

Frequency Of Moon Void Of Course Periods

Don’t Cut Or Treat Hair By Void Of Course Moon Llewellyn's 2016 Astrological Calendar - Don’t Cut Or Treat Hair By Void Of Course Moon Llewellyn's 2016 Astrological Calendar -

The Moon goes void of course approximately every two days or so.  This Void of Course Moon period may last anywhere from a few minutes to several hours or in rare instances, even days.  There have been rare examples when the Moon is V/C for as long as three days.

If the Moon happens to be void of course when you elect to cut your hair for faster growth, or undergo chemical hair treatments it literally means nothing will come of the action taken.

Even if the Moon is considered favorable for cutting hair for fast growth because it's in the New Moon phase or in a great astrological sign, the Void Of Course period will most likely negate the benefits.

Note:  When not using a traditional astrological ephemeris I'll use Llewellyn's Astrological Calendar  to check the moon's position.

Void Of Course Moon - Not Best For Electing Best Times For Hair Treatments

Only the Moon can ever be void of course.  No other planet can be void.  Furthermore, the Moon is only V/C in Horary or Electional astrology.  Electional Astrology is the use of astrology to elect  the very best time to start a new action such as cutting hair to encourage faster new growth.

Void Of Course Example Void Of Course Example

Electional astrology is also used to elect the best time to color or chemically treat hair with the very best outcome.

Electional astrology is also used for a wide range of other activities including electing the best time to marry or start a business for optimal success as well as electing the best time to have surgery or start a new medical treatment.

It should be noted that the Moon is never void of course in natal astrology where the moon is considered radical and readable.

Failure Of Good Moon Dates For Hair Activities

Many people who don't study astrology, but utilize the Moon Phases to plan hair and beauty treatments for the best possible results may at times be puzzled when a normally favorable time doesn't work as usual.

The failure of the Moon to behave in a normal manner during favorable Moon Phases can almost always be linked back to the fact that the Moon was Void Of Course during a failed activity.

Professional astrologers understand the importance of the moon's void periods and avoid it whenever possible to guarantee the best possible Moon Phase results.

Astrological Pocket Planner For 2013 Astrological Pocket Planner For 2013

Hair Treatments - What To Avoid During Void Of Course Periods

1.  Postpone cutting or trimming your hair during a v/c period to encourage faster growth since it's like the desired results will not manifest.

2.  Wait until the Moon has passed from a v/c period before chemically treating or coloring hair to prevent unexpected results. Avoid making an appointment for hair or beauty treatments when the Moon is Void Of Course since the outcome may not be what is expected or desired.  People tend to be distracted during a v/c period.

3. Don't start any important or appearance-altering projects during the Void Of Course Moon.  The outcome may not be anything like you may want or even expect.  Even worse, the project may never be resolved or finished.

4.  Try to avoid meeting new people when the Moon is v/c.  This includes meeting a new hairstylist, going to a new salon or trying a brand new hairstyle.  New people you meet during a v/c Moon are often not why they appear to be or you may tend to view them through rose-colored glasses.  Disappointment and frustration may result when you eventually see the person for their true nature.

Note:  If the hairstylist or salon reception suggests a time which is void for a first appointment or meeting, counter with a time when the moon is not void for the very best results.

The Moon The Moon

5. Plans and/or appointments made during the void-of-course Moon often do not turn out as expected.  Plans made during a v/c moon usually have to be revised in some way or may not turn out to your ultimate advantage.

6.  Avoid purchasing expensive hair or beauty products, tools or related during a v/c moon.  Very often items purchased during this Moon cycle do not fulfill their intended purpose.

Exceptions To Every Electional Astrology Rule

When the Moon makes no aspect to a planet, but does aspect the Part Of Fortune or a part pertaining to the planned event then the even will be successful.

Parallels should always be taken into account.  If the Moon's last aspect is parallel a direct planet then there will only be success, more or less, in the matter,

If the Moon's only aspect is parallel a planet, retrograde or direct, then it is not technically void of course.  If the Moon is technically void of course, but makes a good aspect to the Part-of-Fortune, many astrologers believe there will be nothing, but success.

If it's a bad aspect to the Part-of-Fortune, success will come, but at an expense or loss which could be way too much too bear.

In Electional Astrology you never want the Moon to be void of course unless it's a matter you want to be of no consequence.

Summary - Don't Cut Or Treat Hair By Void Of Course Moon

Moon Image Moon Image

If you have been using the various Phases of The Moon to schedule hair and beauty treatments for best results you may have had some unexpected failures in outcomes.

If so, you may have been operating under a V/C moon.  If you wish to enhance your use of the moon's cycles to guarantee hair and beauty treatment success, be sure to include Void of Course times in your planning cycles.

Or you may wish to work for your professional astrologer to guarantee you avoid V/C or other unfortunate time cycles for your moon planning events.


+ The major astrological aspects are the conjunction, trine, square, opposition, and sextile.  Although some astrologers use minor aspects such as the semi-square, semi-sextile and similar, most electional astrologers discount these minor aspects.

2. Void Of Course Moon In Horary Astrology  - Gilbert Navarro Correspondence Course In Horary Astrology.

3.  Olivia Barclay, Horary Astrology Rediscovered:  A Study in Classical Astrology

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