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Leighton Meester Hair Secrets

Introduction - Leighton Meester Hair Secrets

Leighton Meester Hair Secrets in 2007 On Gossip Girl Leighton Meester Hair Secrets in 2007 On Gossip Girl

The season finale of CW's popular Gossip Girls series, if all goes well, will end forever on December 17, 2012.

With Gossip Girl ending, fans of the show and of Leighton Meester hair secrets will be left to find a new TV  hair goddess.

Leighton, who has brilliantly portrayed Blair Waldorf since the series beginning, is almost as famous for her dizzying array of hair styles, hair colors, lengths, textures and amazing hair accessories as she is for her love/hate relationship with Serena (Blake Lively).

Fans who scroll back through all six seasons of the CW series will discover that Meester's hair as Blair is absolutely fabulous.  Not only did she rock an amazing array of long lush texture infused hairstyles, she showcased beautiful buns, knots, ponytails, braids and assorted edgy updos.

Her hair color as Blair has ranged from deep chestnut to light cinnamon/chestnut brunette.  She never disappoints with her eye popping collection of hats, berets, headbands and related hair accessories.

Now that the famous Gossip Girl has permanently left the iconic CW set and filming has wrapped, she's exploring new options with her hair. 

Leighton Meester Hair Secrets - Light Cinnamon Brunette Hair In Twist Leighton Meester Hair Secrets - Light Cinnamon Brunette Hair In Twist

At a recent Flaunt magazine cover party Leighton appeared with her long wavy hair chopped into a collarbone grazing edgy bob.

The former Blair told the media "I chopped off my hair after Gossip Girl wrapped.  My long, wavy hair got a lot of mileage, so it was time for a change."  Her hair was cut by hairstylist Lizzie Reilly who was a Gossip Girl hairstylist.

Leighton Meester Hair Secrets

Listed below are some Leighton Meester hair secrets:

1.  Leighton is a natural blonde, but initially dyed her hair dark brunette to play Blair.  Since her frenemy Serena (Blake Lively) was a bubbly blonde the producers felt there needed to be a contrast between the two.

2.  Throughout the six seasons of the show Leighton's hair was worn long.

3.  At Fashion Week in 2009 Leighton set tongues buzzing with her long blunt eyebrow framing fringe.

4.  Leighton told Allure Magazine in  that she loves the Phyto hair care line.  She goes to "Phyto Universe on the Upper East Side, where they do all types of services, but there's this one for your hair where they look at it under microscope and tell you everything that you're doing wrong [laughs]. Then they give you this amazing treatment, and your hair feels like silk afterward."

5.  When Leighton was on the January 2011 cover of Allure Magazine, famous fashion hairstylist Odile Gilbert created her cover hair look.

Leighton Meester Wavy Cropped Bob Hairstyle Leighton Meester Wavy Cropped Bob Hairstyle

6.  Leighton told Allure Magazine during her cover shoot that during her former life as a partier she witnessed one of her "roommates burned off her {{asin=B004IM8IB4,text=bangs}} on the stove trying to light a cigarette."

7. The Gossip Girl costumer designer was Eric Daman who helped her with all those amazing hair accessory selections.  She also would have Eric help dress her for Red Carpet events.

8.  Hairstylist Charles "Chad" Baker Strahan styled Leighton's hair for a 2008 cover shoot for New York's Gotham Magazine.

The hairstylist confided that he prepped her hair with Oscar {{asin=B00883BNAC,text=Blandi's Volumizing Spray}}, then dried it with a CHI Rocket Blow Dryer and medium round brushes.  He also used "single-track, clip-in hair extensions" to fill in the added length.

He curled the ends after adding two rows of u-shaped sections with a 1" {{asin=B002TO3MR8,text=curling iron}}.  Ultimately he pulled lightly at the hair to create "a distressed curl, making the look lived in and sexy."

9.  Leighton's hair was often amped up with both fusion and clip-in extensions and appropriate hair pieces.

10.  Gossip Girl lead hair stylists were Jennifer Johnson and Liz Davilla who told the media that they created Blair Waldorf's perfect and sophisticated mane with a slight curl courtesy of {{asin=B004KAS6MK,text=Hershberger's Plump Up Collagen Thickening Mist}}.  Davilla reported that she used a one-inch curling iron to work in the beautiful loose waves Blair's hair was famous for.

Leighton Meester in D&Y Cloche Hat Leighton Meester in D&Y Cloche Hat

11.  The natural blonde also wore her hair long, wavy and brunette when she co-starred with Gwyneth Paltrow in the film Country Strong.

12.  Leighton experimented with the popular Ombre hair color look which featured dark roots and gradually lighter middle and ends.  She showed off very dark glossy hair and bangs on the Boston set of I Hate You, Dad in the Summer of 2011.

13.  Blair often dressed up her amazing iconic hairstyles with stunning hats including one of D&Y's 1920's cloche hat.  Blair looked as if she was stepping right out of “The Artist” or  Fitzgerald’s ‘This Side Of Paradise’ or even ‘The Great Gatsby’.

14.  Famed celebrity hairstylist Andy LeCompte has also styled Leighton's hair for a variety of Red Carpet and related events.  The LA based stylist told the media that Leighton's hair was a key element of the success of the Gossip Girls show.  LeCompte noted "Having gorgeous, luxurious hair is very much part of the show" which explains Leighton's amazing styles during the course of the show.

15.  LeCompte explained Leighton, along with the other female stars of Gossip Girl "aren't into a lot of fussing or pins or loads of hairspray."

16.  LeCompte also noted Leighton and the other cast members like to wear their hair differently when they're off the famous TV set.  He explained "On the show" Leighton and the other girls "are very posh and perfect. But when they're out and dressed up, the actresses still have beautiful hair, but they tend to be a little more experimental, it's their chance to show their own style."

17.  LeCompte explained that Leighton and the other Gossip Girls will be seen wearing "styles that from the front view are pretty and polished, then when they turn around, there's cool, fun texture happening."

18.  The lovely Leighton was featured in a professional hair journal for her amazing beachy-meets-bedhead textured twist which had a sultry finish.

Summary - Leighton Meester Hair Secrets

Although Leighton Meester has left the Gossip Girl set forever, don't expect her or her amazing hairstyles to fade away.  During her time on Gossip Girl Leighton worked with a never ending stream of celebrity, fashion and set hairstylists who created her stunning array of hairstyles embellished with a wide range of hats and hair accessories.

There's no doubt the former Blair Waldorf will continue to reign as one of the queens in the celebrity hair world for a long time to come.

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