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20 Bad Hair Habits

Introduction - 20 Bad Hair Habits

White Blonde Short Hair With Long Side-Swept Fringe by Paul Mitchell White Blonde Short Hair With Long Side-Swept Fringe by Paul Mitchell

Many hair consumers have many of the 20 bad hair habits.  Consumers may not even be aware of these bad habits.

Listed below are some of the most common 20 bad hair habits with suggested changes to banish the results:

1.  Don't cleanse hair more often than necessary.  Do switch to:

Diluted Shampoo (DS), Low-Poo,

No-Poo Low-Poo Cleanser or Conditioner Only (CO) formula if you cleanse daily.

Do use shampoo or DS only 1-2x a week.  Do wash with water or conditioner only the rest of the time.

2.  Don't wash hair more than once a day no matter the circumstances since it can be super drying and damaging.  Do rinse hair after health club work-outs with water or Conditioner Only.  Even better, opt for dry shampoo sprays or cornstarch-based powders to remove sweat and/or grim.

3.  Don't ever wash hair in hot water which strips natural oils and dehydrates strands.  Do cleanse hair in lukewarm water.  Even better, always finish with a cool or cold water rinse to close cuticles and add natural shine.

4.  Don't rub wet hair with a rough towel which can break strands.  Do gently towel blot wet strands with a {{asin=B00005NATZ,text=hair-friendly micro-fiber style towel}}.   To remove extra water use fingers in an accordion-style movement to gently squeeze up and down the strands.

5.  Don't brush wet hair since it is more prone to breakage.  Do apply a Diluted Shampoo or similar to towel blotted hair and detangle in sections from ends to roots with a wide tooth hair-friendly comb.

Retouched From Paul Mitchell Retouched From Paul Mitchell

6. Don't use hot tools without first applying heat protection products.  Do use layered leave-in or styling products to provide hair with as much heat protection as possible.

7.  Don't crank up the heat to its highest setting on your hot irons.  Do keep the temperature setting as low as possible on your hot tools to avoid long-term damage.

8.  Don't blow dry hair in all directions or wave the dryer around.  Do blow dry hair with the air directed down the hair from the roots to the ends to amp up shine and keep hair smooth.

9.  Don't trim your split ends with household or paper scissors.  Do trim your split ends with special scissors designed specifically to cut hair.

10.  Don't shy away from experimenting with hair accessories. Do try out a wide range of hair accessories that can offer both functional as well as fashionable advantages.

11.  Don't color your hair at home if you aren't sure the best hue for you.  Do take your time and do your homework if you want to change your hue at home.  Start slow with a temporary color and work up from there.  If you have hair that has been chemically treated in the past make sure even temporary hair color won't stain the cuticle.

Red Hair Color Collection by Paul Mitchell Red Hair Color Collection by Paul Mitchell

12.  Don't mix or layer chemical treatments.  If you have your hair chemically straightened, relaxed or curls, think long and hard before adding additional chemicals to your hair.

Do work with a professional stylist if you want to combine chemical texturizing treatments with color or similar treatments.

13.  Don't try and do color correction at home.  Do recognize when you need professional help with your hair color and seek out a color correction specialist.

14.  Don't ever apply chemical treatments to your hair without performing an advanced patch test.  Do always retest no matter how many times you've used chemical treatments since your body can suddenly develop an allergic reaction.

15.  Don't believe wild promises you can grow more than 1/2 to 1 inch of hair per month.  Do be willing to take the right vitamins, nutrients, and actions to help your hair grow long and strong in a thoughtful manner.  Anything worth having is worth investing in.

16.  Don't wear your hair in tight braids, ponytails, or similar hairstyles which can permanently damage roots or result in traction alopecia.  Do alternate your hairstyle to make sure there no excess tension is applied to the roots or could cause permanent hair loss.

Paul Mitchell - Blonding Paul Mitchell - Blonding

17.  Don't twirl, twist or pull your hair.  Avoid pulling knots from the ends which can break hair worse than ever.  Do keep your hands and fingers out of your hair.   Fingers with rough edges can cause rips and tears of delicate strands.

18.  Don't ever, ever, ever use plain rubber bands or other sharp-edged accessories to create a ponytail.  Rubber bands can cause major hair breakage.  Do use hair-friendly elastics such as Blax, Bungee, Goody or similar elastics designed specifically to protect tresses.

19.  Don't backcomb or back brush except on special hair occasions since it can damage delicate cuticles.  Do use foam ratts or similar hair inserts to great instant volume without the potential damage.

20.  Don't treat your hair as an afterthought or abuse it with excessive use of harsh chemicals, styling products, or hot tools.   Do always treat your hair with Tender Loving Care (TLC) and you will be rewarded for your efforts with beautiful, shiny, and healthy tresses.

Summary - 20 Bad Hair Habits

Listed above are 20 bad hair habits.  Believe it or not, there's even more than 20 bad hair habits, but the most common are included above.  If you're performing any of the 20 bad hair habits continue changing your behavior to protect your strands.

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