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Top 10 Most Popular Gels For Curly Hair

Introduction - Top 10 Most Popular Gels For Curly Hair

Deva Curls Gel - Some of the top 10 most popular gels for curly hair Deva Curls Products

When it comes to styling any type of curly or naturally textured hair the eternal question is what are the best products to use.

Some natural curlies swear by gel, some by mousse and yet others use styling creams, oils, or a combination.  There are literally hundreds of different hair gels available in the hair care market.

Once gel is selected, how do you find the top 10 most popular gels for curly hair?

Should You Roll Your Own?

The good news?  There's no right or wrong answer when it comes to what is the best styling products for curly hair.

Sometimes homemade gels such as a great flax seed gel is the perfect product to provide a light hold which doesn't make hair sticky or untouchable.

Other times a commercial product designed specifically for curly hair such as Kinky-Curly Curling Custard (KCCC) can be mixed with a little bit of jojoba, olive or coconut oil to form a fabulously unique gel-like styling product which provides a great customized solution for your curl type.

Long Naturally Curly Hair Long Naturally Curly Hair

Since no two heads of curly hair are the same, gel products, whether commercial or made at home will provide a completely different outcome.

Ultimately if you opt for gel as your styling product of choice, the best results may occur when you start with a commercial product and amp it up with your own favorite curl managing ingredients.  Or maybe the best results will result from Do It Yourself (DIY) gel products you create by rolling your own.

One common question posed by those with curly hair is what are the most popular gels for curly hair based on hair type, texture, length, desired styling results and condition.

Evaluating Top 10 Most Popular Gels For Curly Hair - Alcohol, Cones & Proteins

One common concern when selecting a gel is figuring out what ingredients work best for your specific type of curls.

Alcohol and cones are common ingredients in gels which can be controversial  Some curls respond well to both, others not well at all. Protein is another question mark.  Does your hair respond well to proteins in your styling products or not?

Deva Curl Ultra Defining Gel Deva Curl Ultra Defining Gel

The answers to these ingredient questions plays a key role in the ultimate happiness you'll experience when selecting a gel for your curls.

Ultimate Gel Goals - Evaluating Top 10 Most Popular Gels For Curly Hair

Gel is often selected over lighter curly hair styling alternatives because gel offers a guaranteed hold, whether it's light, medium or strong.

When selecting a great gel for your curly hair styling needs, start by being clear about your goals.  Ask yourself the following questions:

1.  What type of hold do you desire?  Do you wish for a light, medium or firm hold?

2.  Do you desire a combination of firm hold which touchable curls?

3.  Is frizz a key concern which you want a gel to address?

4.  Do some gels make your hair look oily, stringy or flat?

Benefits Of Gel For Styling Curls

Gel is great for adding definition to curls while helping calm frizz, fly-a-ways or rebellious strands.  It tends to be best for curls which are medium to thick.  The thicker the curls, the more gel they can handle. Gel does a great job of holding curls which are thick or naturally coarse.

Curls which are thin and fine can be more easily weighed down, especially with gels which promise strong hold.

Jane Carter Natural Spray Gel Jane Carter Natural Spray Gel

Top 10 Most Popular Gels For Curly Hair

Listed below are the top 10 most popular gels for curly hair according to a wide range of user reviews from other curlies.  Keep in mind that not all products work for all hair types.  User reviews are subjective.

All of the gels which are listed for curly hair are available at a wide range of online retail e-stores or by clicking on the bold links.  Click on the bold links for more information on each product.

{{asin=B0012NVF6W,text=Jane Carter Natural Hold Spray Gel}} - 8 ounces - $10.30

{{asin=B002C1YK8I,text=La Bella Lots of Curls Gel}} - 22 ounces - $3.69

{{asin=B008COP6P0,text=DevaCurl Ultra Defining Gel}} - 12 ounces - $17.05

{{asin=B006YYY3U4,text=Curl Junkie Pattern Pusha}} - Hair Styling Gel - 16 oz - $24

{{asin=B004INIVS8,text=L'Oreal Paris Mega Gel}} - 6.8 oz - $3.97

{{asin=B009AZ9566,text=Cantu Shea Butter Moisturizing Twist & Lock Gel}} - 13 Oz. - $13.09

{{asin=B001QD4RUY,text=Eco Styler Krystal Clear Styling Gel Max Hold By ECOCO Hair Gel}} - 16oz - $5.49

{{asin=B0011276JO,text=Alba Botanica Hair Gel, Strong Hold}} - 7 Oz - $6.19

{{asin=B004AI3BLS,text=Garnier Fructis Style Wet Shine Gel Extra Strong}} - 6.8 Oz (Pack of 3) - $30

{{asin=B0044M1I4W,text=Kinky Curls Tiny Twirls Daily Moisturizing Styler}} - 8 oz - $13.39

Gel Challenges - Top 10 Most Popular Gels For Curly Hair

Lots Of Curls Gel Lots Of Curls Gel

Even if you find a great hair gel for your curls, consider the following challenges to using gel:

1.  Hair gel is heavier than some types of styling products (mousse, creams, sprays) and may weigh down curls if too much product is used.

2.  Although the hair market is full of gels in every price range, one danger with inexpensive gels is that they may tend to flake.

3.  Gel is heavier than most styling products  which means it can provide a more pronounced hold which will last longer than other styling products.

4.  If you're worried about a gel drying out your curls, opt for alcohol and magnesium sulfate free gels.  You may also find some cones to be drying.  Proceed with care.

Gel Styling Tips - Top 10 Most Popular Gels For Curly Hair

When it comes to utilizing gel for styling curls, one common principle applies across the board.  That principle? A little bit of styling product goes a very  long way.

Curl Junky Gel Curl Junky Gel

When in doubt use less rather than more.  Experiment with a dime sized worth of gel applied to towel-blotted wet hair.

Finger pick or comb the product completely through tresses.  If you need more product it's easy to add more gel. but much harder to eliminate too much.

Summary - Top 10 Most Popular Gels For Curly Hair

Although it's possible to get a general idea of the best gels for your hair based upon feedback from other curlies, ultimately you have to walk your own curly hair styling path.

Just knowing what other curly hair users have to say about the gels they used on their curly hair according to their type (3a, 3b, 3c, 4a, 4b) offers a good starting point for finding the best products for your tresses.

Ultimately you have to decide what works the best for your hair.

If you opt to use gel for your curly hair styling needs remember a little bit goes a very long way to great curls.

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