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Steve Carell Blonde Magic Man

Introduction - Steve Carell Blonde Magic Man

Steve Carell As Blonde Magic Man Steve Carell As Blonde Magic Man

Steve Carell gets totally blinged out as a blonde magic man for his upcoming movie The Incredible Burt Wonderstone.  In the film, Wonderstone is former successful as Vegas magician who has fallen from the top and is now struggling magician as a has been.

The movie is rumored to be very loosely based on famous Las Vegas magicians Siegfried & Roy.

Magician Siegfried Fischbacher was famous as a blonde magic man who had striking white blonde hair he wore in dramatic styles sweeping up and off his face.  The famous Siegfried & Roy act ended suddenly when Roy was hurt badly onstage by one of the show's tigers.  The act never recovered and the multi-million dollar show permanently closed.

The world of magic is big business, especially in Las Vegas where acts such as the one performed by Siegfried & Roy was full of glitz, glamor and drama to keep the audience enthralled.

Hair and make-up was just one element which contributed to the total entertainment package presented by world class magic acts like those of Siegfried & Roy.

Real Life Blonde Magic Man

Jim Carrey also gets blinged out as a blonde magic man Steve Gray.  Carrey wears shoulder length long Ombre studded hair which gives him a menacing appearance.

Carrey's character is described as a street-magician with a very dangerous act.  His character has been described as a cross between David Blaine and Criss Angel.  The famous  who is a real life, Ombre hued, blonde magic man.  Of course the character has the famous Carrey twist applied over the top.  Most experts agree Carrey is a very idiosyncratic performer who makes every character his own.

Criss Angel Las Vegas Magician Criss Angel Las Vegas Magician

Besides blonde magic man Steve Carell and Ombre blonde magic man Jim Carrey, Steve Buscemi plays Anton Lovecraft, Wonderstone's former partner.  Renowned actor James Gandolfini also co-stars as Doug Munny, the billionaire owner of the casino where Burt and Anton perform their magic act.

Gandolfini reportedly traveled to Las Vegas to spend time researching his role.  He talked with magicians Criss Angel and Nathan Burton.  Additionally, he interviewed other casino executives and insiders in the Las Vegas world of magic.

Olivia Wilde Blonde Transition

The lovely Olivia Wilde plays Jane, Burt's former assistant, who now works for Jim Carrey's character Steve Gray.  The role of Jane was a plum one with actresses Jessica Biel, Sarah Silverman, Judy Greer and Michelle Monaghan competed with Olivia for the role.

Olivia, who went blonde after filming Burt Wonderstone for a role in the film Rush, plays a key link between blonde magic man Carell and Ombre blonde magic man Jim Carrey.  The role was considered a great one for Wilde to nab.  Blonde is not a new hue for the former House co-star who actually was blonde at one point on the TV drama.

Brad Garrett plays the role of Burt's accountant and real-life magician Jay Mohr has a role in the film as Rick the Implausible.  Celebrity magician David Copperfield plays himself in the film.  Alan Arkin is also in the film.

Blonde Wigs Instead Of Hair Bleaching

Olivia Wilde As Blonde On Fox/TV's House Olivia Wilde As Blonde On Fox/TV's House

For his role as Burt, the multi-talented Steve Carell did not actually have his own hair bleached or dyed blonde.  Word from the set is that his hair was transformed into that of a blonde magic man with a lot of help from custom made and fitted blonde wigs.

Jim Carrey, on the other hand was rumored to have actually grown his own hair long  for his part in the film.  Of course it's possible he wore hair extensions as well.  Whether he actually had it colored to achieve the Criss Angel Ombre blonde look has not been confirmed.

One thing is certain, Carrey often alters his appearance to add authenticity to his film roles.  I would not be surprised to learn he actually had his hair colored to achieve the appropriate blonde magic man mantle.

Summary -  Steve Carell Blonde Magic Man

The cast is seasoned, the story is intriguing and tied to historical events.  Ultimately the hope is that the film will be a box office winner when it's released in the Fall of 2012.

Male actors have been donning wigs and changing their hair color to authenticate their characters since the beginning of time.

However, the blonding of Steve Carell and Jim Carrey for their roles in Burt Wonderstone mirrors current societal trends for men everywhere to be more willing to transform their hair colors and styles to more fashion forward looks.

The time is ripe for men everywhere to be inspired by movies and reality TV to be willing to experiment with their own transition into becoming a blonde magic man.   Afterall, the wildly popular Hunger Games triggered a worldwide braided hair craze, who's to say Burt Wonderstone won't trigger a male blonding movement?  Of course only time will tell and the world of hair anything is always possible.

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