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Short Hair Sass

Short Platinum Blonde Hair With Shaved Side - All Rights JPMS

Short Hair Sass

Showcasing short hair sass is easy if you start with the right haircut, great styling products and tools as well as the support of a great short hair sass inspired stylist.

Whether you've had your hair cut short for the very first time or you've been wearing it short for awhile, channeling short hair sass can happen at any time.

Short hair sass styling sets your hair apart from anyone else with any length, color or style of hair.  When you create short hair sass you will never suffer through bad hair days and you'll never be bored.  Your hair never has to look the same.

Listed below are all the short hair sass tips to transform any short haircut into a spectacular hairstyle:

1.  Create A Shaved Accent

One way to make a short haircut pop is to create a partial or full shaved accent section.  Be bold.  Shave one side allowing the top sections to flow over the top of the shaved section.  Or have a pattern shaved into one side.

You may even wish to shave your hairline back.

Sassy Short Hair - John Paul Mitchell 2011

2.  Go With A Dramatic Hue

Nothing makes short hair pop like spectacular color.  Whether you select an icy white blonde, a dramatic red or a rich chocolate, color can unlock the short hair sass equation.  Stick with your current natural or base color, but lighten it or darken it one to two shades.  Or go wild and adopt a totally different color.

The beauty of short hair is that it's less likely to be permanently damaged by dramatic hair color techniques.  Also, it grows out very quickly so it's easy to change the color on a regular basis.

If you don't want to change the entire color you can play with accent streaks or exotic slashes across the hairline, down one side or even swirled through the base color.  Remember short hair sass is not for hair wimps.

3.  Add Sassy Hair Accessories

Hair accessories go-to options for sassing up any hairstyle from super short to very long.  There are no rules when it comes to short hair sass and hair accessories.  You can go with bold hairline hugging bandeau style headbands or opt for one of more skinny colored bands in vibrant colors.

Sassy Short Hair With Texture

Whether you use hair accessories to hold stubborn strands in place or to amp up your hairstyle, there are no right or wrong moves.

Brightly colored or contrasting baby bobby pins can be layered together to form a long sweep of metal along one side of your head, across the top or to hold back a wild fringe.Select the hair accessory to match your fashion or moods.  Go with an explosion of tiny flowers or select just one big one to position in a dramatic way.

Accent or contrast your hair color, shape and texture.  Remember, the sky's the limit.

4.  Frame Your Sass With A Fringe

Whether you want to brush your completely off your face or wear a sleek fringe, either style will work with a short hair sass haircut.

Although there are no rules, some people look better with fringes and others don't.  Consider your own comfort level when selecting your ultimate hairline profile.

Short Hair Sass Haircut - JPMS - 2011 Collection - All Rights Reserved

If you go with a fringe you can play with contrasting or complementary texture.  You can even stud your fringe with tiny braids.

Remember to experiment with different styling products which can make all the difference between a beautiful sleek side-swept fringe or a tousled teased bang.

5.  Rock An Attitude

Attitude can make all the difference when carrying off a short hair sass style.  The bigger the attitude, the better.

How to get attitude?  Wear your hair in a dramatic new texture.

Backcomb or tease your hair for lift and volume.  Tease your hair high towards the sky.  Leave it teased and tousled or lightly smooth it back down towards your head.  Go with what makes you feel the sassiest.

6.  Reposition The Part

A simple matter of taking a long tail comb and changing the direction of the part can instantly amp up a hairstyle.

Whether you go with a center part, regular or deep side part or a combo of parts, drawing a new line will instantly create a new look.

Kara Laricks With Pinned Up Short Hair - NBC Fashion Star

7.  Pin All Or Part Of It Up

Just because your hair's short or shaved on one side doesn't mean you can't pin it up.  Of course you can.

Kara Laricks was one of the fashion designers competing on the first Fashion Star reality TV show on NBC.  I have to confess that I couldn't stop looking at Kara.  Not because of her amazing designs, but because of short hair sass hairstyle.

Kara rocked a short striking platinum blonde hair cut which was shaved on both sides.  The top of her head was long enough to be spiked, curled or styled in a straight long sweep of hair brushed to one side.

The first winner of Fashion Star (she really deserved to win) was the vision of short hair sass and wore her short hair both up and down.

8.  Pony Up With Tiny Tails Or Braids

Kara Laricks With Turban On Short Hair - NBC Fashion Star 2012 - All Rights Reserved

Kara was fearless with her hair.  I have no doubt she wouldn't be afraid to pull her hair into tiny tails or braids.

Just be creative and give any type of tail or braid a try.  If your own hair isn't long enough opt for a clip on pony, braid or a few accent strands you braid after you attach them to your own hair.

9. Wear A Scarf Or Turban

The  edgy and fierce designer not only won the hearts of the fans, judges and fashion buyers, she won kudos for her amazing hairstyles.   Every show featured Kara in a different version of her short hair sass hairstyle.

I was thrilled when she showcased an actual turban style head wrap with just the front of her top hair peeking out along the hairline.  It was a stunning look and perfect for anyone who wants to boldly accessories their short hairstyle.

A turban works for anyone with any length or type of hair but it amps up the short hair sass for anyone like Kara Laricks wearing a big bold short hairstyle.


Having a short hair sass attitude can guarantee that you will never be bored with short hair.  If you went short after years of having long hair you can soften any long hair withdrawals by throwing yourself into creating spectacular new sassy short hair looks with the tops provided above.

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