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Hazardous hair products to pets

Hazardous hair products to pets

guinea pig - small mammal pet

Hazardous hair products to pets can cause a very serious if not life threatening situation.

Common hair and beauty treatments as well as a range of related products can actually be deadly to the life of your most beloved small animals.

Whether you have a small dog, cat, guinea pig, gerbil, hamster or similar, if they ingest, nibble or inhale some well-known products, they could experience instant death from these hazardous hair products.

If they don't expire immediately, they could become very ill and suffer a long agonizing demise.

It's hard to believe the common hair and beauty products we take for granted in our everyday lives are actually hazardous hair products to our cute and cuddly little pets.

Hazardous hair products

Listed below are some of the most common and hazardous hair products which can cause a reaction ranging from mild to deadly.  Keep your small pet completely away from these types of products.

If they happen to slide past you and make any type of contact, call your favorite veterinarian and be prepared to take emergency measures.

When you're in doubt about any hair, beauty or related product that your small pet has eaten or been in contact with, you may also contact the National Animal Poison Control Center at (888) 426-4435.

If they accept the case of your little pet, they will charge approximately $65.00 per emergency case.  When you don't want to pay the price, be sure you ask before you go into any detail what the charges will be to get help for your pet.

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Hazardous hair products and related beauty items to avoid

1.  Acetone which is often a key ingredient in nail polish or nail polish removers.

2.  Alcohol found in many hair and beauty products.

3.  Ammonia which may be found in some hair lightening products and is a prime hazardous hair product to pets.

4.  Boric acid which might be included in some women's products or even some hair products.

5.   Caffeine which is included in both hair and an array of beauty products.

6.  Deodorants and deodorizers of any kind for your body.  It doesn't matter if the deodorants is stick, gel or spray.  Any type of contact can be harmful.

7.  Dental floss, dental products designed to bleach teeth and some types of dental powders and toothpastes.

8.  Eyelash glue or adhesives.  Add-on eyelashes.

9.  Hair bleach can be very toxic.

10.  Hair dyes in any form.  If you dispose of your empty hair dye bottles or gloves and your little pet licks or chews on them, there could be serious problems.

Nail Polish

11.  Hexachlorophene - Any hair or beauty products which contain hexachlorophene, also known as nabac, which is a disinfectant and which may show up in facial cleansers, face masks or similar.

If you're considered about using hair or beauty products which contain hexachlorophene be sure to read the label to make sure you can select other products which don't contain it.  In the meantime, be darn sure your beloved pet doesn't get close to any of your products which might contain this potentially toxic ingredient.

12.  Lead - Some popular hair color products do contain lead.  Make sure if you use products with lead that they are kept out of reach of your

13.  Nail polish, whether it contains acetone or not.

14.  Perm or hair relaxer formulas and/or solutions.

15.  Polish (nail) remover

16.  Rubbing alcohol

17.  Shaving cream or shaving lotion

18.  Soaps either bar or liquid

19.  Suntan lotions, creams or related products

20.  Wax used in hair or hair removal products

Hair Bleach

Other Dangerous Items

Besides hazardous hair products or similar beauty items there are other items which can do serious harm to your beloved small pets.

These include, but not limited to:

1.  Acetaminophen

2.  Aspirin

3.  Camphophenique

4.  Chocolate

5.  Cola

6.  Iodine

7.  Laxatives

8.  Rubbing alcohol

9.  Sleeping pills

10.  Wart removers


Although your hair and beauty products may seem innocent, it could be life threatening for your small pet.  The best rule of thumb is to keep your small pet away from chewing, biting, smelling or swallowing anything which isn't specifically marked as pet food for your beloved small animal.

Even if your beloved small pet gets into something that's not specifically on this list, there are other dangerous items such as cigarettes, cigars or even prescription drugs which can be deadly for your little pet.

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