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Emily Maynard's Bad Bachelorette Hair Days

Emily Maynard's Bad Bachelorette Hair Days

Bachelorette Emily Maynard

There's no question that Emily Maynard is beautiful.  She's blonde, very pretty and has gorgeous big eyes which are perfectly made up.  To top it all, the Southern soccer mom has a flawless figure.  Alas, Emily is also very boring.  At least she is on Reality TV.

So far, the new Bachelorette Season on ABC is putting me to sleep. I even find myself checking the clock to see how much longer the episode has to run.

Not only is Emily's new Bachelorette Season a real yawner, her hair is just not up to reality TV snuff.  When Emily was on Brad's Season, her hair looked spectacular.  It was a gorgeous shade of long white chocolate with  lush full texture punctuated with loose waves and curls.

As the Bachelorette, Emily's hair is missing that thick lush appearance she showcased when she was competing for Brad's heart.  Also, the sexy white chocolate blonde hues appear to have been traded in for a darker and less dramatic golden blonde.

Of course Emily's hair, which is greatly subdued compared to previous bachelorettes, her hair seems to be reflecting the role she's playing.From Hot MILF To Soccer Mom Blonde

Emily And Brad On ABC's The Bachelor

ABC is portraying Emily as a normal, polite Southern single mom.  Not only is the show being filmed in her hometown of Charlotte, North Carolina, Emily's daughter Rikki and family are being included in several of the episodes.

With The Bachelorette being filmed in Emily's hometown with her daughter and family, she is playing the role very safe.  Which might explain the darker shade of blonde and the absence of highly polished hairstyles.

Yes, Emily is a classy full time mom.  She's definitely not the wild party girl like previous bachelorettes Ali Fedotowsky or Ashley Hebert.

If you were a fan of either Ali or Ashley you probably remember that they had excellent hair for their seasons.

Ali was captured visiting a top celebrity hair salon during her reign.  Ashley also had spectacular hair.  She went from her drab blonde on Brad's season to stunning auburn for her own Bachelorette season.

So far Emily's hair has failed to impress.  In fact, compared to her hair on The Bachelor and compared to Ali and Ashley, the current Southern lady bachelorette seems to be having a string of bad hair days so far.

During the first episode her hair seemed to had unexplained lumps and bumps throughout the crown and the back.  The ends looked damaged and frail.  Even the color seemed to clash with Emily's skin tone.

Emily The Bachelorette

The Awkward Love Clock

I was not having a warm and fuzzy feeling after the first episode, but after the second episode aired I went ahead and deleted The Bachelorette from my Tivo.  The segment where Emily was having dinner with Bachelor Joe in the room with The Love Clock felt awkward.

The conversation Emily and Joe were having about Emily's desire to have more children felt staged and very strained.  When Emily started to cry towards the end of their dinner, Joe seemed taken aback.

Then Emily decided to send Joe home.  Well duh.  The couple had zero chemistry.

Oddly, after crying for the cameras while Joe awkwardly said good-bye there were fireworks in the background.  The fireworks seemed oddly out of place.  Which is a great way to sum up the current Bachelorette season.  Everything seems wooden, stilted and just a little off.

Normally I would suffer through boring episodes in order to keep tabs on the bachelorette's hair.  In this case I'm definitely out.  I'd prefer to remember Emily for the spectacular hair she had on The Bachelor.

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