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Get Nicki Minaji Lips Instantly

Bobbi Brown Neon Lip Glosses

Get Nicki Minaji Lips Instantly

Katy Perry and Lady Gaga have pushed the  boundaries of hair color introducing an array of shocking shades from neon pink, purple and blue to lime green, orange and red.

As I mentioned in a recent blog, tangerine orange has been deemed the it color for hair, cosmetics, fashions and accessories.

Obviously neon colors, whether tangerine or not, are huge for 2012.  Make-up maven Bobbi Brown has thrown her lip glosses into the Day-Glo ring with a collection of Neon Lip Glosses ($23 each) which instantly allows anyone to channel Nicki Minaji, Katy Perry or Lady Gaga with a quick swipe.

At first glance the Neon Lip Glosses might seem like just too much but in all fairness the Bobbi Brown glosses are sheer.

While they look very intimidating in the packaging, when applied, they're actually quite sheer.  Which means that you can walk on the Neon wild side with just a tiny pop of color.

Anyone who wants to celebrate the latest bright hues can tip toe through the Neon without major commitment and still channel a small pick of Minaji Magic.

OPI Tangerine Nail Polish

If you wish to jump onto the new Tangerine craze Stila offers there Stila Lip Glaze Gloss in Tangerine, Sweet Orange, Apricot, Peach, Honeydew and Mango.

If the thought of adopting tangerine orange hair color, eye shadow, lip stick or fashions is too intimidating you can also enjoy the hot color with nail polish.

Luckily OPI offers an array of tangerine shades.

Nail The New Tangerine Orange Shade

OPI's Totally Tangerine from the Brights Collection provides a great pop of rich orange color.

Other options include OPI's Osaka-To-Me-Orange  from the Japanese Collection,  OPI's Tangerine Scene Psychedelic Summer Collection, OPI's Y'All Come Back Ya Hear - Texas Collection or OPI's Clubbing Till Sunrise from Sunrise South Beach Collection.

Tangerine Hued Earrings - Soho Beat From Marketplace

Tangerine looks excellent against skin which has either a natural golden hue from either a real of faux tan.

Tangerine Accessories

The gorgeous uplifting color can also be worn against peach, cream, olive or black skin and attract major attention.  Tangerine is a cheerful, optimistic color which brightens any dark day.

For other skin tones Tangerine might work better as an accessory such as earrings, rings, headbands, clips or similar.  Tangerine can also provide a fabulous pop of color when worn as shoes, scarves, belts or handbags.

Tangerine is a brilliant color which instantly attracts attention.

Tangerine looks spectacular when paired with dark shades such as blue or black. It also looks great with white, off-white and the lighter neutral colors.  Tangerine looks great with gold.

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