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Short Hair Styles Pumped Up

Short Hair Style With Hairline Pompadour

Short Hair Styles Pumped Up

The big and extreme hairstyles of the 80s were brought back and reinvented for the Summer and Fall of 2009 along with miniskirts, leggings and neon fabrics.  Teased hair came back into fashion along with crimped strands, hairline poufs and pompadours.

Versions of those vintage hairstyles and looks have been combined with great short hair styles and softened for 2011.  They offer such versatility to short hair styles that you can bet they will definitely continue to be strong for 2012.

One hairstyle which is popular for short hair styles is the hairline pompadour.  When it first caught fire in the 80s the front-end head fluff was favored by men.  In 2009 thanks to Snooki and fashion trends, women started to rock the hairline pompadour as well.

For 2011-2012 the pompadour has been pumped up for short hairstyles creating an instant edginess on hair which might fall flat without a focus.

The 2009 runway shows had sky-high pompadours but for 2011-2012 the hairline puff is scaled to work with the face shape, length and hair style.

Short Hair With Hairline Fullness Short Hair With Hairline Fullness

Some style experts warn that a hairline pouf or pompadour should only be as high as the distance from the bridge of your nose to the top of your hairline.  If a pompadour or pouf is too high it completely overpowers the style and creates an instance imbalance.

Although hairline pompadours and poufs are being combined with short hair styles, they can be worn with a French twist, chignon, soft braid or even a high ponytail.

Scaling Back The Hairline Pompadour For Short Hair Styles

Pompadours can be scaled to look great for everyday wear or amped up for a night out on the town.

Hairline pompadours or puffs can even be tastefully punctuated with colored spikes or created on dramatic hair colors such as the hot bleached blonde or raven black hues.

When cut and style properly the 2011-2012 pompadour  can be memorable but not regrettable.

Alternative Pumped Up Short Hair Style

If you find an obvious pompadour to be too extreme for your face shape, hair type, texture or lifestyle you can experiment with a softer fullness created throughout the top of the head extending from the hairline (as shown above).

Hair Credits

Photo #1 - Hair by Zoe Nitchse & Hayley Bays

Zen Hair Design

Photo by Jim Crone

Photos #2 - Hair by Marcus King

Hooker & Young, UK

Photo by Ram Shergill






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