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Short Hairstyles And Ombré Haircolor

Ashlee Simpson Short Hairstyle - Platinum Blonde With Dark Roots

Short Hairstyles And Ombré Haircolor

An array of classic short hairstyles such as the pixie, the crop and chin bob short bobs are currently very popular.

Also extremely popular is the Ombré hair color trend which historically involved dramatic dark to light strands.  Ombré hair color traditionally consisted of dark roots flowing down into much light ends.

Ombré can be beautifully applied to blonde, brunettes and redheads with equally dramatic results.

While the Ombre trend looks amazing on shoulder length or longer tresses, it may not look as appropriate on short strands.

In fact, when not applied properly, Ombré on short hairstyles may just look like roots which have been neglected for an extensive period of time.

Ashlee Simpson, who has been sporting short platinum blonde hair recently appeared on the Red Carpet with dark roots.  While it's no longer considered inappropriate to show root regrowth, it does not appear Ashlee was showcasing any type of Ombre hair color.

Renee Felice Smith With Chin Length Short Bob

Utilize Gradual Color Change From Roots To Ends

Luckily short hairstyles look best with Ombré hair color that has a more gradual color fade pattern.  Ideally Ombre looks best with a subtle dark to light color change from roots to ends.  There should also be no obvious line of demarcation.

Low lights and Balayage can be combined to provide the same beautiful blended color look adopted successfully by those with much longer strands but to create beautiful subtle blending and color fading.

Starting Point For Creating Ombré Color Pattern

Utilization of an ammonia free hair color would be a good starting point since it would provide less dramatic color results and thus more subtlety.  The hair should be separated into individual sections and low lights should be applied to the target sections.

Once all the low lights are applied, highlights are then free form hand painted in the Balayage method.

Renee Felice Smith With Short Hairstyle And Lowlights And Highlights

The highlighted and lowlighted sections should then be individually wrapped in plastic to retain warmth.

They should be processed for the appropriate time recommended by the color manufacturer.

As a final step, the hair should be glazed with the appropriate highlight color to soften and unify the previously applied highlights and low lights.

Renee Felice Smith From NCIS:  Los Angeles

Renee Felice Smith from NCIS showcases a beautiful type of Ombre color.  Her roots are darker but her color gets lighter as it extends towards the roots.

Hints of lighter color are interspersed throughout the fringe and out through the perimeter of the short flipped bob haircut.


The goal of the new subtle Ombré hair color technique is to be virtually undetectable while adding major shine, shimmer, color dimension and depth.

This is especially true for short hairstyles where the color should fade without an obvious line of demarcation.

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