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Dakota Fanning Flaunts Blonde Hair As New Lolita

Dakota Fanning In Marc Jacob Advertisement

Dakota Fanning Flaunts Blonde Hair With Perfume Bottle As New Lolita

America's sweetheart, buttery blonde actress Dakota Fanning (born February 23, 1994) has been tagged as the new Lolita by US fashion guru Marc Jacobs.  Jacobs has said that he selected the young beauty as his celebrity spokes model for his new 'Oh Lola' perfume because she look much younger than her 17 years.

Not only did Jacobs supposedly tap Fanning for her much years younger appearance, she was posed on the floor with a sexually provocative perfume bottle between her thighs. She was wearing a pale colored thigh length dress.

Her long buttery blonde tresses were styled from a slightly off-center part with the side panels hugging the sides of Dakota's beautiful face, giving the actress a very sensual look.

Provocative?  Definitely.  Even more troubling is the claims that Jacobs is using the ad to sexualize children.

While Jacobs might not agree, The Advertising Standard Authority (ASA) in the UK have banned the ad for Marc Jacobs perfume  branding it 'sexually provocative'.

Some parents believe it's shocking that any advertiser can think it appropriate to try to create an image of a ‘contemporary Lolita’ to sell its products. There is huge parental concern about the over-sexualisation of children.

The perfume was made by the global beauty brand Coty, which has previously come under fire for its use of sexual imagery.   The bans have been announced by the Advertising Standards Authority(ASA) and follow calls from the Prime Minister for action to prevent the sexualisation of children.

Dakota Fanning

Coty admitted the perfume image was ‘edgy’ but denied that the styling suggested the model was underage or inappropriately sexualised ‘We understood the model was 17 years old, but we considered she looked under the age of 16.’

The perfume manufacturer said: ‘We considered that the length of her dress, her leg and position of the perfume bottle drew attention to her sexuality. ‘Because of that, along with her appearance, we considered the ad could be seen to sexualise a child. 'We therefore concluded that the ad was irresponsible and was likely to cause serious offence.’

It is clear that Marc Jacobs intended to exploit the fact that Dakota Fanning looks extremely young for her age. Speaking recently, the designer said the decision had been inspired by her appearance as a 15-year-old punk rock singer in the coming of age film The Runaways.

‘Dakota was in it, and I knew she could be this contemporary Lolita, seductive yet sweet,’ he said. Lolita featured in the controversial novel by Vladimir Nabokov about a middle-aged man’s sexual obsession for a 12-year-old girl.

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