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Is Giggy Of RHBH Doing The Nasty At Neiman Marcus?

Giggy From The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

Is Giggy Of RHBH Doing The Nasty At Neiman Marcus?

The National Enquirer on November 7th did a Guess Who reference to one of The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills.

The NE asked which "Bravo Housewife" is known for letting her precious little pooch poop inside swanky Neiman Marcus stores.

Apparently the staff at Neiman Marcus is not allowed to say a single word when the little pampered pup leaves a nasty deposit in the store since the owner (a RHBH housewife) supposedly spends a fortune on stunning designer duds.

If you watch the show you know that Lisa Vanderpump's little pooch, Giggy, a Pomerian, is treated like he's a small human child and gets a lot of air time on the show.

In fact, Lisa and her husband Ken Todd often let Giggy get up on the dinner table, eating and drinking from the fine china and crystal on the table with all the rest of the guests.

Some of the other housewives have been filmed talking about how spoiled Giggy is and how disconcerting it was to see the little dog drinking from expensive crystal.

RHBH Housewife Lisa With Giggy

The only other Beverly Hills Housewife who has dogs, that viewers ever see, is Adrienne (Maloof) married to plastic surgeon Paul Nassif.

In fact, it's doubtful that Taylor is the Guess Who target since last season she had to give away a pet because her young daughter was allergic.   We also never see pets around Kyle or Kim Richards or Camille Grammer.

Jackpot is relatively new on the RHBH scene and Adrienne recently posted photos so fans could vote for which dog was cuter.  Jackpot or Giggy.

Adrienne And Paul Bickering Over Jackpot Pooping In Paul's Shoes

Jackpot From RHBH

Adrienne and Paul were seen in a recent episode bickering about Adrienne's little dog Jackpot.

Apparently Jackpot likes to leave little surprises (poop) in Paul's shoes.  They also have a larger dog that looks like a German Shepard but it a shadowy figure.

Even though Jackpot has been seen on the show, he has appeared a lot less frequently than Giggy.

Ironically Adrienne and Lisa live right across the road from each other and both have tiny little pampered dogs.  So which one gets to poop at Nieman Marcus?  Is it Giggy or Jackpot?  What do you think?

Of course the National Enquirer doesn't say whose dog it is because that would probably get them in a heap of trouble.  Right?

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