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Rachel Zoe Gives Birth And Rehires Jeremiah

Rachel Zoe Gives Birth And Rehires Jeremiah

Rachel Zoe And New Baby

The "OMG He's Here" episode opens with Mandana telling Joey at the Rachel Zoe offices that Rodger fired Jeremiah because he was too talented to be an office assistant.  Joey told Mandana "if I got fired I would be crying."

Mandana tells Joey that Rodger felt that Jeremiah was too talented to be steaming clothes.

Rodger shows up at the Rachel Zoe offices and tells Marisa and Joey that Rachel is "basically on sabbatical" and he says "I need her (Rachel) to just chill."

Joey tells Kendall to pack her bag for the hospital.  Rodger says "seriously, no work for Rachel.  Don't copy her on emails, no work, nothing."

Mandana meets Jeremiah at Sweet Lady Jane in LA because she "feels responsible for recommending him for the job."  Mandana told Jeremiah he was "great at something other than what you were hired to do."  Jeremiah told Mandana he never "really got a chance to be a stylist."

Although Jeremiah wants to launch a brand new brand for Rachel based on his expertise as an interior designer, Mandana explains that they haven't even sold any clothing yet so it would be risky to launch an entirely new division of Rachel Zoe's business at this point.  Jeremiah seems to take it well.

Rachel Zoe And Hairdresser Joey

Rachel says "Joey, just your scream makes me laugh."  Meanwhile Rachel goes through her closet picking Chanel and stilletto heeled boots.

Rachel talks about not wanting to feel unattractive which will make the whole giving birth experience "so much worse."

Joey is overly enthusiastic and as over-the-top as ever about everything.

Fluffing Rachel's Hair And Doing Her Makeup

Joey and Rachel talk about fluffing her hair and touching up her make-up before she goes to the hospital.  Afterall, Rachel doesn't want to have bad hair when she has her baby.

Although Joey recommends sweats the celebrity stylist confides that she doesn't even own sweats.   That news is really not really all that surprising.  Afterall, she plans on packing Halston and Chanel.

Now that Rachel has stopped working she's getting in touch with the reality of the situation that she's going to be giving birth at any moment and she's starting to freak out.  She tells the camera that she literally whizzed through the pregnancy and now has to deal with actually pushing the baby out of her body.

Sending Joey To New York To Style Molly Sims

Rodger Berman And Rachel Zoe

Rachel decides to send Joey to New York to style Molly for a photo shoot since Rachel can't go.  Joey decides that it will be a cakewalk.

Joey explains to the camera that he's been doing Molly's hair and make-up for years and they're good friends and they “gab like girlfriends.”  But he's never styled her before and she has some very specific looks in mind.

Selecting A Push Present For Rachel At Neil Lane

Rodger is so excited about the new baby coming any day that he wants to hire a videographer to get up close and personal during every moment of the delivery.  Rachel, (as would the majority of sane women in the world who don’t want to re-watch), says this is no-go.  Even after Rodger promises the videographer is a woman.

While Joey is pulling tons of options to show Molly, Rodger goes shopping for Rachel's push present at Neil Lane.

Neil personally helps Rodger look at all the options.  He decides to buy Rachel a much bigger cushion cut diamond - 10 carats - that Neil points out that Rachel has been lusting over for years.  Afterall, Rodger tells Neil that Rachel's engagement ring is only 3 carats and Rodger wants to step it up.

Rachel Zoe And Rodger Berman

Joey Hits A Home Run

Joey starts to worry about styling Molly after Mandana points out all the things Joey hasn't thought about for the fashion shoot.  He realizes that he normally only has to worry about hair and make-up, but with the added styling responsibilities he only has 1 1/2 hour to style her, get her dressed, do her hair and make-up.

Joey's brother Elie shows up at the hotel to hang out while Joey gets ready for Molly's arrival.

Although Molly didn’t love a lot of the looks Joey brought, she eventually settled on a gorgeous Rachel Roy sparkler.  Molly told Joey that one shoulder gowns are a no-no for her.  Also, she doesn't seem to love her shoulders very much.

Joey tells the camera he remembers why he loves doing hair and make-up and not styling.  Why?  Because people have so many body issues.  In the end Joey hits a home run and Molly looked absolutely gorgeous.

Back at the Zoe ranch we see a brief glimpse of Rachel after her water has broken.  It's obvious she's in a lot of pain and doesn't want to be filmed or even talked to by anyone.

Mandana realizes the nursery is in shambles and re-hires Jeremiah to get everything ready while Rachel's still in the hospital.  While Jeremiah works at the Zoe-Berman house to get the nursery done the rest of Team Zoe is off shopping for nursery items.

I have to say that I really like Jeremiah.  I hope he gets to stick around longer this time.  Team Zoe is thrilled when the baby's mattress shows up.

Rachel Zoe And Joey

Skyler Has Fabulous Wardrobe

Meanwhile Jeremiah is in awe when he realizes that baby Zoe already owns everything from the Fall AllSaints collection — even though he isn’t even born.  Rachel’s unborn baby is more stylish than most adults.

At the end of the episode we get a glimpse of newborn baby Skyler who mom and dad obviously adore.

Both Rodger and Rachel appear as if they're about to burst into tears.  Rodger talks about how giving birth actually means more about waiting, waiting and waiting with just an hour of the pushing.

Rachel and Rodger look very happy with their brand new son and Rachel talks about how much she loves her little baby even though he hasn't yet said a word.


In a preview we see Rodger telling Rachel how happy he is with the baby.    It will be interesting to see what unfolds in the remaining episodes of the season.

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