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Create Perfect Ponytails

Perfect Ponytail

Brushing your hair into a ponytail is a great way to look instantly sleek, sophisticated and chic.   The key to a great ponytail is how you create it.

Listed below are some tricks which will help glam up any ponytail:

1.  Regardless of your natural hair texture (straight, wavy, curly, coily or kinky) always blow dry your hair straight and run through strands with a flat iron to get a super sleek ponytail.

2.  When creating your ponytail look straight ahead.  If you point your chin down or look up, the base of the ponytail won't be as tight as if your don't keep your head straight.

3.  Consider creating the base of the pony with a bungee band in the same color as your hair since you can wrap a bungee more securely than a softer elastic.

4.  For a super high ponytail use two bungee bangs placed adjacent to each other for a super firm hold and lots of lift.

5.  When a soft bouncy finish is desired use a very light styling hair spray rather than a finishing cream or oil.

6.  If you want a hint of shine use a teeny tiny drop of shine serum spray applied into the palms of the hands.  Massage together and then lightly brush palms of the hands over the top of the finished pony. Of course there are tons of other tricks I haven't included, but if you have a super secret tip you'd love to share, please do.

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