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Adam Lambert Hair

Adam Lambert Green Spiked Hairstyle

Adam Lambert Hair

Adam Lambert never fails to disappoint when it comes to his latest hair hue, length and style.  He is the master of spiked hair which he has repeated demonstrated with an array of striking hairstyles since he first burst onto the scene on American Idol (AI).

The AI charmer rocked some spectacular Red Carpet worthy spikes at the August 14th Do Something Awards at the Hollywood Palladium in Hollywood, California.  The full feathered base of the spiked hairstyle was raven black with spikes which were a glorious splash of sea foam green intermingled with hints of turquoise.

Adan never fails to disappoint.  He toned down his spiked hair when he charmed fellow judges, contestants and viewers on Lifetime's Project Runway when he served as a guest celebrity judge on Episode 9 of the Season 9.

The AI darling had hair which was perfectly spiked with a jet black base and lighter feathered ends which co-ordinated perfectly with his fashion forward open shirt, blazer and leatheresque pants.  He looked amazing, as he always does.

Adam Lambert Spiked Hairstyle

Adam changes the hues on the ends of his spikes like some change their clothes.

My own personal favorite Lambert Hair spikes were the stunning hairstyle he rocked when he appeared on a recent episode of AI as a mentor for a show dedicated specifically to The King.

The Season 8 runner-up is remembered for his over-the-top vocals and guy-liner looks which cast him as a rebel to the mainstream culture,  Shortly after AI ended with him not winning the big prize he offended fans with some controversial stage behaviors.

Although Adam is definitely considered controversial his star has soared since the end of American Idol.  No surprise there.  Simon Cowell referred to Lambert as a "worldwide star" and indeed that is exactly what Adam is becoming.

Wisely Adam has continued to utilize his array of high-spiked 'dos as his trademark look.  His ever changing punk-rock looks keeps the rapt attention of old and new fans.

Adam Lambert Elvis Hairstyle

During his time on Idol Lambert showcased his versatile voice with equally-versatile hairstyles.  His hair ranged from blue highlights to sleek, sculpted, smooth, spiky and sometimes downright indescribable.

In various media interviews he confessed he often loses count of how many styling products he uses on his hair.

He's been quoted as saying  "Oh man, I don't even -- I lost count. And I got really overwhelmed too because, like, it's cold and it's hot and it's dry and it's this, and I'm like 'Oh, moisturizer! Oh, hairspray!'

One thing is certain, Adam Lambert's career is continuing to heat up.  Watch for the spiked wonder to continue to show up in bigger and better venues.  Of course be sure to check out his famous nail polish and fabulous make-up.

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