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Emily VanCamp Steams Up Revenge

Emily VanCamp on Brothers & SistersEmily Irene VanCamp (born May 12, 1986) is a Canadian actress. She is best known for her roles as Amy Abbott on the WB series Everwood (2002-2006), and for her role as Rebecca Harper in the ABC series Brothers & Sisters (2007-2010).

She currently stars as Emily Thorne in the ABC drama series "Revenge" which premiered this week.  The blonde actress famous for her long, below-the-shoulders, wavy blonde tresses, is the star of the new prime time soap opera set in the famous Hamptons.

The plot revolves around Emily Thorne's secrets and her mysterious plan for revenge against her father's enemies.

It turns out that Ms. Thorne's name is really Amanda Clarke and the series is built upon her actions achieving the revenge on everyone who has wronged her and her family in the past.

ABC was wise to give Emily VanCamp the starring role.  Not only is she beautiful with amazing hair, eyes and smile, she's has legions of fans from her days on Everwood and Brothers & Sisters.

Emily VanCamp on ABC Brothers & SistersIf the flashback scenes shown in the pilot is any indication, the series will be chock full of hot guys, juicy secrets, lavish parties and cliffhanging plot twists.  Brunette beauty Madeleine Stowe is the Hamptons social queen, Victoria Grayson, that everyone loves to hate.  Her husband is Conrad played by Henry Czerny and in the first few minutes we find out that he's been cheating with his wife's best friend.

What have we learned so far?  Besides the fact that Emily Thorne (aka Amanda Clarke) was living happily in the Hamptons as a little girl until her father was hauled off to jail, we also learned that her dad was framed by powerful neighbors and has since died.

The good news?  Dad left his daughter detailed journals with lots of important details which will be revealed over time.  We also learn that Emily/Amanda also spent some time in jail and possibly had her future groom murdered.

In essence the entire show is built around Emily's vendetta and a cast of interesting characters she interacts with including Internet billionaire (Gabriel Mann), Charlotte (Christa B. Allen) as well as Ashley Davenport (Ashley Madekwe) and brothers Jake and Declan Porter (Nick Weschsler and Connor Paolo).

Emily VanCamp on ABC's Brothers & SistersVanCamp and Stowe are spectacular in their roles and this is a great guily pleasure if you want to block out the stresses of the world and enjoy a frothy soap with lots of campy dialogue, lusty plot twists and steamy hookups.  Yeah, I'm all in on this one.

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