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Jane Lynch Had A Cookie To Prepare For 2011 Emmy Awards

As always, Ryan Seacrest and the E! Red Carpet Team snag some amazing interviews.  Ryan chatted up Jane Lynch, the hostess of the Emmy Awards as she made her way down the Red Carpet.

When asked what she was wearing Jane said she was wearing one of five David Meister gowns.

She showed off a stunning set of bracelets and told Ryan "these are Lorraine Schwartz, beautiful jewels.  I'm very grateful to her for letting me wear them.  And I'll have some Doyle and Doyle jewels on later."

Ryan noted that Jane seemed very calm for being the host of the show and Jane agreed.  She said "I know, but inside I'm like...and she started to shake and twitch.  No, I'm actually feeling pretty well.  I slept very well last night.  I was good, I had a cookie and went to bed.  That's how I treated myself (a cookie and bed).  I had a cookie and fell asleep."

Jane said her morning was interesting.  "I had to be woken up which is weird for me because (I'm usually) up at the crack of dawn and all the sudden I was into it and everything I'd been preparing for was about to happen and it was pretty cool, pretty nice."

When asked about the show Jane said she didn't want "to give anything away, but it's different, a little different, this year.  We're not reinventing the wheel here but we've got some great musical numbers, the presenters have been terrific about coming up with their own stuff, their own little patter, there own little gimmicks and stuff, sooooo it's going to have a life of its own and once it starts its going to be a freakin freight train."

Jane said about the opening tape "I'm glad to hear that you heard it's epic."  Jane said she is thrilled.  She had a great time doing the opening script.

After the show is over Jane said the first thing she's going to do is "take off her heels, the first thing" and "I'm going to eat every ounce of food in front of me at the Governor's Ball."  She's going to go nuts with solids.

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