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Rachel Reilly Big Brother Hair Secrets

Tonight it was announced Rachel Reilly (@RachelEReilly) won the 13th season of Big Brother (BB) on CBS.  Whether you loved Rachel or hated her, she deserved to win.  She gave Big Brother her heart, her soul and endless tears for two seasons in a row.

Rachel also gave all the BB viewers and fans two seasons of her hairstyle ups, downs and inside secrets.  We watched her do all sorts of things to her hair on the Live Feeds and Showtime After Dark.

In Season 12 Rachel's hair was a big topic of conversation because she wore obvious clip-in extensions which some of the Big Brother House Guests (HG) made fun of.

For her return as a veteran in Season 13 Rachel's hair was toned way down from Season 12 and she looked a lot better all natural without lots of extensions.

It's not that I have anything against extensions, but Rachel is a beautiful girl and looks great without lots of  added hair.

Although Rachel's hair is generally some hue of red, this season the color was darker and more elegant.  In Season 12 her hair was a lot brighter and lighter.  This season it was more of a rich Merlot hued red with some highlights to give it dimension.

I was actually pulling for Rachel throughout the BB entire season, especially after America's sweethearts, Jeff and Jordan, were evicted.  Shelly voted to evict Jeff and Porsche voted to evict Jordan.  While I don't think Shelly deserved death threats, she won back a little of my love when she voted for Rachel to win Big Brother. 

Although it wasn't meant to be, I was hoping that Rachel would take Adam to the Final Two.  Unfortunately Adam lost the competition against Porsche which would have put him in the running for the final Head Of Household (HoH).

Rachel voted to evict him, which was only fair since Porsche beat him in that final contest.  I thought Adam was a sweetheart, but was sad to see him vote against Rachel in the final vote.

Adam, what were you thinking?  Rachel got you Tori Spelling.  Remember?

Regardless of all the social game playing, the HOH and Veto Competitions and the various price competitions, Rachel's hair and her various hairstyles remained a fascinating side aspect of Big Brother.

In a previous blog I promised to send her hair extensions or hair accessories if she needed them.  So Rachel, if you're reading this, give me a call.

Congratulations to Rachel for playing an amazing game this summer.  Also, congratulations to Porsche for coming in second place, Adam for coming in third and Jeff for winning $25,000 as America's player.  I voted for you Jeff.  You deserved to win.

I for one am sad to see another season end.  The good news?  Big Brother has been picked up by CBS for yet another year.  I've already started counting the days

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