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Kenra Professional Hair Care Partners With Rapunzel Project®

Kenra Professional Hair Care Partners With Rapunzel Project

Indianapolis—September/October 2011—Kenra Professional is partnering with The Rapunzel Project®, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping cancer patients keep their hair during chemotherapy through the use of cold cap technology.

As part of the initiative, the company is donating an additional $20,000 to The Rapunzel Project, bringing its total donation to date to $70,000. Kenra Professional has committed to raising an additional $230,000 for The Rapunzel Project through unique partnerships in the professional beauty industry.

More than 1.5 million new cancer cases were diagnosed in the United States in 2010. About 8% of those women and men decide not to have chemotherapy because they are afraid to lose their hair. Cold cap technology has proven 90% effective for hair retention.

Knowledge is power, and knowing that patients can keep their hair during chemotherapy empowers them by improving self-image, dignity and morale. “When you look better, you feel better. And when you feel better, you heal better,” says Nancy Marshall, co-founder of The Rapunzel Project and a breast cancer survivor.

“Kenra Professional proudly supports The Rapunzel Project’s goals to raise awareness of the existence of cold caps for preserving hair during chemotherapy and to raise funds to purchase biomedical freezers for oncology facilities,” says Tim McMeekan, CEO of Kenra Professional. “Our company team is igniting a full fundraising and communication campaign during the October 2011 Breast Cancer Awareness Month in which the entire company will be engaged in spreading the word that cancer victims have a choice and helping to raise donations toward the remaining goal of $230,000. For Kenra Professional, it only begins here; the fight against cancer continues year round and extends to multiple cancer awareness organizations and initiatives.”

In addition to its continued partnership with The Rapunzel Project, Kenra Professional is supporting Susan G. Komen for the Cure® with a donation of $30,000. The professional beauty company’s distributor partner, Beauty Systems Group (BSG), is an avid supporter of this organization, and Kenra Professional’s contribution recognizes BSG’s commitment to cancer awareness by joining its efforts.

Supporting breast cancer awareness and other philanthropic causes is fundamental to Kenra Professional’s philosophy of creating inner and outer beauty—a belief that begins with helping others. To make this message resonate, Kenra Professional encourages all of its employees to take two paid days off every year to assist at a charitable organization of their choice.

Another way Kenra Professional helps to support cancer awareness, as well as donation efforts, is by offering limited edition pink packaging for two of its best-selling products—Kenra® Volume Spray 25 and Kenra® Platinum Blow-Dry Spray. Sales of those products support breast cancer research, early detection, support services and more.

About The Rapunzel Project®

The Rapunzel Project® is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping chemotherapy patients keep their hair during treatment. To learn more, get involved or make a donation, visit

About Kenra Professional

Kenra Professional™ products create inner and outer beauty by giving women and men the trust and confidence to achieve their ultimate style. Kenra® offers two collections under the Kenra® Classic and Kenra® Platinum brands—both available in professional salons across North America.

The Kenra® Classic brand offers classic, quality, hair care products that consistently deliver professional hair care solutions, enabling salon clients to achieve desired results that make them confident in their appearance. Kenra® Platinum embraces your creativity and unique personal style. With formulations that feature advanced ingredient blends, distinctive fragrances and striking packaging, the Kenra® Platinum brand sets the standard for style. Visit, or

Product details

Kenra® Volume Spray 25 provides super all-day hold in a fast-drying formula for finishing any style. It imparts maximum volume and control and provides excellent humidity resistance. Suggested retail prices are $22.00 for a 16-ounce can, $15.00 for a 10-ounce can and $6.00 for a 1.5-ounce can.

Kenra® Platinum Blow-Dry Spray is an advance-dry, thermal protectant that reduces blow-dry time up to 50%. This patent-pending formula is packed with evaporative silicones that instantly pull moisture out of the hair, helping it dry faster to dramatically decrease blow-dry time. That means you can Dry Less/Give more this month!

What’s more, Kenra® Platinum Blow-Dry Spray provides instant thermal protection up to 428 degrees against the damage and breakage that repeated heat styling can cause. Suggested retail prices are $30.00 for a 6.8-fl.-oz./201-mL spray, $21.00 for a 3.4-fluid-ounce/100-mL spray and $12.00 for a 1.7-fl.-oz./50-mL spray.

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