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No Slo-Mo Hair Tossing For TV's New Angels

No Slo-Mo Hair Tossing For TV's New Angels

Even though the newly rebooted Charlie's Angels starts glam tressed Minka Kelly, Ananie Ilonzeh and Rachael Taylor, don't expect any slow motion hair tossing like in the original version played by hair icon Farrah Fawcett along with beautifully tressed Jaclyn Smith and Kate Jackson.

Just as Alfred Gough and Miles Millar decreed “no tights, no flights” for “Smallville,” this time their rule for Charlie's Angels is “No wire work , no slo-mo hair-tossing.”

Why?  The show's creators, Gough and Millar, famous for their ten year triumphant run on Smallville have vowed to keep the show "glamourous but grounded".  Which means no major hair tossing, tousling, flipping or twisting.

The Fall 2011 TV version will also be different then the films which co-starred Drew Barrymore, Cameron Diaz and Lucy Liu.

How?  Gough noted the differences “We’ll get into their personal lives a little more,” he said of the “Angels,” played by Minka Kelly, Annie Ilonzeh and Rachael Taylor. “They all have pasts: one was a cop, one was a jewel thief and one was a car thief.”

The new 'Charlie's Angels' set to air in Fall of 2011.

ABC has high hopes for the reboot of the beloved franchise.  Will Gough and Millar pull it off?  Gough said “We hope we are rebooting a franchise in the way ‘Casino Royale’ rebooted James Bond.”  Their goal?  To to bring a fresh take to another beloved franchise."

Good-bye To The Old Bosley

Another key difference?  The character of Bosley is played by the not-exactly-middle-aged Ramon Rodriguez.  “We just didn’t want it to feel like the stocky middle aged uncle. Obviously there will be cases, where you want a guy to go undercover not just the angels,” Gough said. “And he’s quite frankly, some eye candy for the women.”

The show is already shooting with the full cast in preparation for the Fall 2011 TV schedule.  Gough noted that the good news about a TV show is that it offers an ongoing conversation with the audience.  And the producers will be paying attention to the feedback since they have the option to change it up as they go, which a movie doesn't allow.

The good news?  If you miss that slo-mo hair tossing, flipping, tousling, wind blowing or similar sexy hair moves you can voice you opinion and maybe Gough and Millar will make an exception to their slo-mo hair tossing ban.

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