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How To Do A Diluted Shampoo Session

How To Do A Diluted Shampoo Session

I have been diluting my shampoo since 1988.  The first few times I used diluted shampoo I was amazed at how much more hydrated my hair was.

Since my hair is naturally wavy and curly, it gets dry very easily and undiluted shampoo is just too concentrated for my naturally textured, color treated hair.

Although I don't cleanse my hair every day, when I do, I always use a diluted formulation which works great for me.  It took me some time to discover the best dilution formula for me.  My hair is hip length and I use 1/8 to 1/4th teaspoon of shampoo to 1 quart of water mixed in a clean quart bottle which I shake to form a soft suds.

Many hair experts agree that commercial shampoo products are just too concentrated to use just from the bottle.  This may not be true of all shampoo products nor is diluted shampoo the best choice for all hair types, texture, lengths and conditions.

It's a great option for those with naturally curly, wavy, kinky, coily or similar textured hair.  In addition, it's also worth trying on chemically treated, damaged or dry strands.

One danger of using full strength shampoo every day for an extended period of time is product build-up.  Most people aren't aware that shampoo can also build up on the hair cuticles but they can indeed leave a residue. Overuse of shampoo can leave hair limp, sticky, crunchy or dull and drab.  Overly harsh shampoo can even damage hair.

If your hair is already damaged from chemical perms, relaxers or straighteners or from color, highlights or low lights, diluting your shampoo will not reverse the damage.  Nor will it rehydrate it.  However, diluting shampoo will most likely stop further damage, build-up or ongoing dryness.

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Although I have listed my own diluted shampoo program below, feel free to experiment with how much shampoo to mix into the water.  You may want to use less or more shampoo than I do or you may wish to use more or less water.

Step By Step Instructions

To follow my own diluted shampoo program complete with the following steps:

1. Gently detangle strands from ends to the roots with fingers, wide tooth comb or a 100% boar bristle paddle brush before getting hair wet.

2. Get hair very wet with lukewarm water.  Always use lukewarm water and when possible use distilled or soft spring water.

I personally use a pre-filled water jug system to ensure that I get enough water on my hair before applying the diluted shampoo formula.  If you have a strong water flow from the shower heads that might be good enough for you.  If you have a weak water stream you may want to consider using a pre-filled water jug.

If your ends are extremely damaged then apply a creamy rinse-out conditioner or deep conditioner to the wet damaged ends before following the next steps.

3. Mix 1/8th to 1/4th teaspoon of hydrating or moisture enhancing shampoo with 1 quart of lukewarm water in a clean bottle.  Feel free to choose any type of shampoo product designed to address your specific hair type, texture, length of condition.  If you have color treated hair you may wish to use a product designed for colored hair.

4. Shake bottle well to form a light suds.

5. Drizzle newly formed suds over the top of the head  Allow suds to flow gently down the strands.  If you wish, you can do two applications of the diluted shampoo if for some reason you feel the need to do so.

Note: For more control over where you apply the suds from the diluted shampoo you may wish to use a brand new or very clean color applicator bottle.  By using one of those types of bottles you can use the pointy nozzle to apply it to different spots around your head that may need more diluted shampoo than other sections of the scalp.

6. Gently pat suds into length of hair.  Do not rub wet hair or pile on top of the head.

7. Completely rinse suds out of the hair.  If necessary rinse more than once.  It's very important to get all diluted shampoo out of the strands.

8. Apply a thick rinse-out conditioner to the hair from the top of the earlobes down to the very ends of the hair.

9. Working from the ends of the hair, slowly detangle up the roots with fingers or a wide tooth comb.

10. Rinse conditioner out of the hair.  It's alright if a light residue of conditioner remains on the hair.

11. Finish with a cool or cold water final rinse.

12.  Towel blot, do not rub, with a hair friendly towel.  Style as desired.

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