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Katie Leclerc Hair How To From Switched At Birth

Katie Leclerc Switched At Birth Hair How To

Katie Leclerc plays Daphne Vasquez on ABC Family's Switched At Birth.  Katie grew up in Lakewood, Colorado, the youngest of three siblings in a close-knit family. In grade school, Katie’s spunky personality and megawatt smile won her the lead role in a production of Annie.

It was in this play that Katie discovered her passion for acting, while juggling other after-school activities such as basketball, choir and dance. When her family moved to San Diego, Katie continued to pursue theatre at Valley Center High. She started booking commercials: Pepsi, Cingular, Comcast, GE. Then she got her first big break -- a role on the cult favorite TV show, Veronica Mars, starring Kristen Bell.

Katie has continued to work in television. Her TV credits include The Riches, The Ex-List, and The Hard Times of RJ Berger. She starred in the feature film The Inner Circle and was also in the feature Flying By with Billy Ray Cyrus. At home, Katie loves to cook, and she’s quite excellent at it. You can often find her hiking away the calories from her sinfully delicious concoctions on one of L.A.’s hidden trails.

Katie Leclerc has Ménière's disease, a disorder of the inner ear that can affect hearing and balance to a varying degree. It is characterized by episodes of vertigo and tinnitus and degenerative hearing loss. Leclerc is fluent in American Sign Language.

Katie's Hair How To

Katie's base hair color is a light copper with hints of lighter strawberry blonde throughout the edges and almost a red copper at the top and near the hairline.  Her below-the-shoulder length hair is fine to medium in thickness and appears to be mostly straight. 

If you look closely you will see some long layers edged into the perimeter to add some movement and flow.  Wearing her hair longer is best for Katie since she has a more prominent chin and the longer layered length which she wears forward over her shoulders flatters her face, eyes and lips.

In the ABC Family Show, Switched At Birth, Katie tends to wear her hair long and either bone straight or just with a little bit of waves throughout the perimeter.  She appears to be growing out a side-swept fringe.

Follow the steps below to copy Katie's beautiful bone straight hairstyle.  Although Katie doesn't wear a fringe presently, her hair could be worn that way.  She also doesn't have a precision part but one that is messy and off to one side.


Start by detangling hair with fingers or a 100% boar bristle brush to remove knots, snarls and tangle.


Wash hair in lukewarm water with the shampoo product designed for your hair type, texture and condition.  If you wish, utilize your unique washing program ranging from full shampoo to Diluted Shampoo (DS), low poo, Conditioner Only Wash (CO Wash), no poo or water only.

Rinse out shampoo, apply a rinse out conditioner from the tops of the ears down to the ends and detangle with a wide tooth comb or fingers.  Rinse well and then finish with a cool or cold water rinse.  Towel blot (don't rub) to remove excess moisture.


Apply your designed styling cocktail into your hair working through with fingers or a wide tooth comb.  Cocktail might consist or, but not be limited to, leave-in conditioner, defristant, styling mousse, volumizing spray for roots or similar.


If hair dries bone straight you can allow hair to air dry.  Or if you prefer, use either a 100% boar bristle paddle or round brush on individual sections of hair.

Separate hair into 8-10 individual sections and work on each section at a time.  Once the hair is completely dry, roll into a loose barrel curl around your fingers and pin against scalp to set and cool.

If you prefer more texture, use a long finger diffuser working through individual sections at a time.  After each section is dry, roll into a spiral or ringlet curl and pin against your scalp to set.


Unpin all sections of dry hair.  Use a flat iron on 1-2" sections and run it through just a few times to get perfectly straight strands.  If you wish for more waves then use a curling iron instead.

Once hair is ironed to your desired texture, use fingers to gently fluff.  Apply 1-2 drops of shine serum into the palms of your hands.

Swipe the top of your hands over the tops of your hair to lightly distribute serum and block frizz.

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