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Rachael Carpani Against The Wall Hair How To

Rachael Carpani (August 24, 1980) plays the beautiful blonde Abby Kowalski in the new Lifetime Series "Against The Wall".  The spunky police professional wears her buttery blonde hair in below-the-shoulder loose waves and loose ringlet curls.

In her role as a newly promoted Internal Affairs detective she pulls her hair up into a loose pony exploding with loose ringlets.  Although she doesn't wear a fringe, long ringlets float around her face.

Called "The Best New Drama of the Summer", this Lifetime series is full of human emotion, drama and a young woman - Abby - struggling to find her own way with her police career.

Rachel Carpani does a wonderful job of showcasing the stress Abby Kowalski faces when she goes against her police family when she joins "the bad guys" on the force.  She also shows a sizzling hot sexy side who has a secret friend with benefits who she makes booty calls to when she's feeling down in the dumps.

Rachael Carpani Hair How To

In her role as Abby Kowalski, Rachel rocks hair which looks lightly polished and tousled with easy effortless loose curls and waves.

Layered shoulder length or longer hair with natural wave or light natural curl is the easiest hair to work with.  Shoulder length or slightly below the shoulders looks the most carefree.

Step By Step Hair How To

1.  Cleanse hair in lukewarm water with products designed for your hair length, type, texture and current condition.  Use your favorite cleansing procedure ranging from full strength shampoo to low poo, diluted shampoo, conditioner only, no poo or water only or a combination.

2.  Rinse well and gently squeeze excess water from hair with fingers.

3.  Apply rinse-out conditioner of your choice from the top of the earlobes down to the ends.

4.  Use fingers or a wide tooth comb to detangle hair in the shower from the ends up to the roots.

5.  Finish with a cool or cold water rinse.

6.  Blot just cleansed hair with a towel.  Do not rub since this will cause frizz to form.

7.  Spray volumizer on the roots.  Apply 1-2 drops of shine serum or hair oil to the palms of your hands and massage together.  Rake the oiled hands through the strands to distribute well.

8.  Separate hair into 8 horizontal sections.  Work on one section at a time.  Combine a blow dryer with a concentrator and a 100% boar bristle round brush.  Angle the brush down and out reaching diagonally downward.  Use your brush to pull the hair up at the part to create volume.  Direct the air flow from the ends up towards the roots to ruffle and encourage fullness.

9.  After each section is 100% dry, re-roll around fingers and pin in a large open barrel curl against the scalp to cool and set.

10.  Unpin all of the individual sections of hair but do not comb, brush or touch at this point.

11.  Mix a dime size amount of 3 parts styling cream with 1 part gel into the palms of your hands.   Start slow and add more later if needed.  Rake product coated fingers through the ends of the hair.  Avoid over applying product to the hair.  Keep away from the roots where volume is desired.

12.  Bend over at the waist and direct a blast of cool/cold air from the blow dryer.  Flip hair back over and blast again with cool air.

13.  Lightly tousle hair and use fingers to lightly smooth.  If you wish, pull hair into a loose mid-back pony.  For additional texture throughout the ends, use a curling iron to enhance ringlets.

14.  Remember that hair is sexiest when it frames the face and has lots of lush volume throughout the roots.

More About Abby Kowalski

The beautiful blonde is best known for her role as Jodi Fountain in the Australian television series "McLeod’s Daughters," for which she was nominated for TV Week’s Logie Awards for both a Silver Logie: Most Popular Actress and the Gold Logie: Most Popular Personality on Television. Carpani also appeared in the feature films "Hating Alison Ashley" and the British film "Triangle," starring Melissa George and Liam Hemsworth.

In the United States, Carpani established herself on network television with the CBS pilot "Law Dogs" and a lead role in the CBS series "Cane." She has had a recurring role in the A&E series "The Glades," as well as numerous guest-starring roles on shows such as "NCIS: Los Angeles" and "True Blue."

Carpani is a native Australian who studied acting at Macquarie University. She also studied ballet for 10 years and is an avid surfer and equestrian. Carpani resides in Sydney, Australia.

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