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Big Sexy Date Hair How To

Whether you're going on a very special date or have a dressy event to attend, it's always fun to rock some big sexy hair.

My big hair inspiration is usually found in the pages of Victoria Secret's catalog (infinite choices).  Afterall, they have some of the most gorgeous models with famous big tresses.

Are they enhanced with an array of clip-in or fusion extensions?  Probably, but who cares.  Right?

If your own hair is short or chin length you may need to go with some serious add-on tressesClip-in hair is so abundant that you have infinite choices ranging from 100% human hair to 100% synthetic or a great blend.  Of course you can also invest in some short term fusion extensions.

You may even wish to amp up your own strands, even if they are shoulder length or longer.  Of course hair which is precision layered can be blown up even bigger than hair that is all one length.

Follow the steps to achieve your own version of big sexy date hair:


1. The morning of your big hair event cleanse hair in lukewarm water with the products and methods which work best for your hair type, texture and condition.  If you normally don't use a volumizing shampoo or conditioner you may wish to consider using one to  amp up strand fatness potential.

2.  Apply the appropriate rinse out conditioner for your hair type, texture and condition.  Apply the conditioner from the top of the ears to the ends and detangle with a wide tooth comb or fingers.   If your hair is easily weighed down by conditioner, you may wish to skip this step or use a volume enhancing product.

3.  Rinse well and finish with a cool or cold water rinse to seal in moisture and help close the cuticle.

4.  Towel blot to remove excess moisture.

5.  Apply a styling cocktail consisting of your normal products (i.e. defrisant,clip-in, styling mousse) which will encourage volume.  You may wish to apply a volumizing product to the roots.

6.  Dry hair in the method which encourages the most volume.  You may wish to rough blow-dry bending over at the waist and directing air flow from the ends up to the roots.  Or if your hair swells bigger when air-drying, do that instead.  Depending on your natural texture you may also wish to consider blow drying with a long finger diffuser to amp up texture.

7.  Once hair is 100% dry, bend over at the waist and twist hair to form a high top knot, twist or bun.

8.  Allow hair to remain in the knot up on top of your hair for the rest of the day to encourage maximum volume to build during the day.


1. Before your date release your hair from the top knot or twist.

2. Bend over at the waist and gently finger pick and shake hair.

3.  Spritz a volumizer only onto the roots.

4.  Bend over at the waist and blow dry hair to create maximum root lift using fingers to pick and lift hair up.

5.  Bend back over and finger pick hair.  Apply a dry shampoo throughout the rest of the hair.

6.  Use a 100% boar bristle paddle and separate hair into 6-8 sections (4 in the back, 2 on the sides or front, sides, back).

7. Start at the root and curl each section of hair, one at a time using a large curling iron (1 1/2" barrel).  Hold the iron vertically to the head and curl away from the face.   Twirl the hair around the iron being sure to leave the ends free for a more relaxed look.

8.  After you finish curling each section create a faux curler.  Roll the newly curled hair around your fingers into a loose barrel curl.  Bobby pin against the scalp and allow hair to cool and set.

9.  Once all of the hair has been curled, pinned and cooled, unpin and tousle with fingers.

10.  Finish with a spritz of hairspray or 1-2 drop of shine serum massaged into the palms of his hands and brushed lightly over the top of the style.

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