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Summer Savasana How To Tips

Summer Savasana How To Tips

In a time filled with high temps, travel, bathing suits, barbecues and beach days—it’s easy to take a pass on your yoga practice.  But as the heat of the sun dominates and productivity increases, your practice is just as important as ever.

So what can you do to make sure summer doesn’t disrupt your dedication? Check out these innovative products and tips from world-renowned yoga company,Twitter—who makes saying yes to Summer Savasana just a little bit easier:

• Have Mat, will Travel—Manduka’s new eKO Superlite Travel Mat provides superior grip on carpet or hard flooring, yet weights under 2 lbs and folds to fit easily into any packing space.

Great for the yogi who travels light, yet must be prepared for the spontaneous yoga session! (this product just debuted)

• Pick cool Poses—It’s hot! Take time to treat your body to poses that cool the physical and emotional energies like ushtrasana (camel), dhanurasana (bow), bhujangasana (cobra) and navasana (boat).

• Baddha Konasana at the Beach—Lay down your eQua Hot Yoga Towel, take advantage of the peaceful sound of the crashing waves and practice right on the sand. The eQua Hot Yoga Towel is perspiration trapping, slip resistant, ultra plush and doubles as a great beach towel.

• Wet that Whistle—don’t forget to drink lots of water! And use an environmentally friendly container like the Manduka Stainless Steel water bottle while you’re at it.

• Shout it from the Mountaintops—silently, maybe. Yoga in nature is good for the soul. Take your eco friendly, eKO Lite on a hike with you in your Manduka Mat Sling—you can even attach your sunscreen-

• Stretch Out Your Savasana—corpse pose is the best way to end your practice,--it’s summer, who cares if you fall asleep?

• Keep it Clean—warm weather means lots of sweaty germs. You get a shower, why shouldn’t your mat? Try Manduka’s original, organic mat washes to keep away bacteria, while keeping your mat like new.

For more information about practicing Summer Savasana visit Manduka.

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