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Quick Get Gorgeous Hair Tips

Whether you're going to a major Red Carpet style event or to a high school reunion consider the following quick get gorgeous hair tips:

1.  Turn up the shine

Load up on beta-carotene rich foods like carrots, cantaloupe, butternut squash, pumpkin and orange which all  help add shine to hair and skin.

Before a big event opt for an all-orange food day to give your body a break and encourage the health building benefits of these fruits and vegetables.

2.  Go green

Trade in black teas and coffee for green tea which helps banish bloat and encourages healthy hair and skin.  Munch on broccoli, spinach, Swiss chard, spinach, green beans and kale.  These green foods deliver a major dose of Vitamin C which helps to nourish hair and skin.

A side benefit?  Studies have found that people who load up on orange and dark green veggies are 39% less likely to suffer from heart disease and cancer.

3.  Amp up your protein

Protein not only helps prevent nerve induced pig-outs but also give strands a big boost.  Protein is one of the healthiest foods you can eat for your tresses.

4.  Spice it up

Add chili peppers or hot spicy sauces to your meals to help curb appetite.  Hot peppers are full of capsaicin which helps speed up the metabolism and blood flow to the hair roots which help them grow in full and healthy.

5.  Drink lots of water

Keep your skin and body well hydrated.

6.  Crisp green celery

Snack on crisp green celery which is rich in hair and skin beautifying luteolin.  Celery also helps provide a feeling of fullness.

A side benefit is that luteolin reduces the inflammation linked to age-related memory problems.  Not only will your hair look healthier, your memory will be sharper.

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