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Olivia Wilde Undone Bun How To Hairstyle

Olivia Wilde Undone Bun How To Hairstyle

Olivia Wilde rocked an Undone Bun when she attended the Los Angeles Confidential magazine cover party.  Her take on the undone bun was a relaxed take on a top knot.  Her hairstyle was low-key, but tousled elegance.

Olivia constantly thrills and surprises her fans with a stunning array of hairstyles which are edgy, classic and selected to showcase her glam fashions.

Instead of having her milk chocolate hair tousled and tangled on top of her head, she had the tousling cascading near her hairline and flowing back towards the crown of her head with the back flowing into a messy chignon bun positioned halfway between the nape of her beautiful neck and the crown of her head.

Olivia's undone bun is intriguing because from different angles it looks finger tousled and tucked, but it also has the look of an inverted French Twist style bun.

Anyone can pull their hair up on top of their head and toss it.  Olivia shows how to do an undone bun with elegance and an edge.  Would we expect anything less from the darling of the fashion police?  I think not.

Follow the steps below to copy Olivia's Undone Bun.How To Hairstyles:  Step by Step

This hairstyle works best for hair which is shoulder length or longer and is either straight or with a slight texture.  This style can also be adjusted for natural curls, coils or similar.  However, you may wish to straighten your natural texture to make it easier to create the updo.  Ultimately you should experiment to find the best look for your hair.

1.  Cleanse hair in lukewarm water with products designed for your hair type, texture, length and condition.  Use your own custom cleansing system from shampoo, low poo, diluted shampoo (DS), conditioner only (CO), no poo or water only (WO).

2.  Apply rinse-out conditioner in the shower and detangle from the ends up to the roots using a wide tooth comb or your fingers.

3.  Rinse well and finish with a cool or cold water rinse to amp up shine and shimmer.

4.  Towel blot to remove excess moisture.

5.  Apply desired styling cocktail ranging from leave-in conditioner, defrisant, mousse, straightening balm or similar.

6.  Roughly dry hair with a blow dryer using fingers instead of a brush for a textured finish.

7.  Use fingers to direct all the hair up and off the hairline from the front, sides and back to the top of the head just an inch or two back from the hairline.  Create a loose ponytail, but don't secure the base.  Hold in place with your fingers.

8.  Use fingers on opposite hand to separate the loose ponytail into three equal sized sections while continuing to hold the braid in place.

9.   Continue to hold the base in place while you create a loose under braid starting the braid 1-2 inches back from the hairline along the top of the head.

10.  With the opposite hand cross the left strand under the center strand taking the center to the left.

11.  Cross the right strand under the center taking the center strand to the right.

12.  Continue the braiding process alternating between left and right until the entire top of the head has been under braided.

13.  Once the top of the head has been completely braided before securing the bottom of the braid the hair a gentle shake to softly loosen the style.  Use fingers to gently lift and slightly tousle the plaits for an undone look.

14.  Secure the bottom of the newly under braided look with a Blax, bungee or similar elastic band in the same color as your hair.

15.  Take the tail, twist it up and tuck it loosely under the crown.  Pin with bobby pins.

16.  Use fingers to tousle to your desired texture.

17.  Finish with firm holding hairspray.

18.  Apply 1-2 drops of shine serum into the palms of your hands and massage well.  Glide your hands over the top of your finished hairstyle.


This hairstyle can be modified to work with a fringe or by adding clip-in or fusion hair before creating the finished style to add more volume, weight and texture.

If you love this style but don't have hair which is long enough, don't wish to braid or tousle, check out the beautiful clip-on style from the amazing people at from Jon Renau.  It's beautiful, it's affordable and it will rock your hair.  Check it out at:  WigSuperstore

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