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Sendhil Ramamurthy Curly Hair How To Hairstyle

Sendhil Ramamurthy Curly Hair How To Hairstyle

Sendhil Ramamurthy (born May 17, 1974 in Chicago) plays the tall, dark and handsome Jai Wilcox, curly haired FBI agent,  on USA's wildly popular TV series "Covert Affairs."  His parents immigrated to the US from India.  Sendhil and his sister were raised in San Antonio, Texas.

Although best known for his role as curly haired geneticist Mohinder Suresh in the NBC drama Heroes, he also appeared on several TV shows, including Ellen, Casualty, Guiding Light, Grey's Anatomy, Ultimate Force, Heroes and Numb3rs.

(Image of Sendhil Ramamurthy from USA's Covert Affairs - All Rights Reserved)

The handsome actor guest starred on Season Four of Psych in Episode 4 titled "Bollywood Homicide", directed by Jay Chandrasekhar. He made a conscious decision to not audition for stereotypical Indian roles, although he has been offered such parts.

Sendhil has thick curly hair which he showcases.  Although sometimes his signature curls are more defined than others, it's obvious he has a thick head of coils.

Sendil Ramamurthy Curly Hair How To Hairstyle

To have Sendhil's polished curly hair, start with a haircut which emphasizes individual curl clumps or patterns and enhances the overall coily texture.  Ask for a curly cut which is age and career-appropriate.  Sendhil's texture is very versatile because he can wear it au natural or he can use his fingers to lightly break up the curls and create a smoother finish.

To understand the best products to use for your natural curls consult with your professional hairstylist to determine your curly hair's needs.  Sendhil's curls, whether tightly coiled or loose, always look neatly groomed and glossy.

The back of his head is also precisely clipped to frame the curly texture throughout the interior.  Sendhil also has sideburns which also help to frame the rest of his natural texture.

Steps on how to re-create and style the curly cut:

1. Cleanse hair in lukewarm water with a shampoo product designed to add moisture to dry hair.  Natural curly hair like Sendhil's tends to be more dry than other types of hair.

If hair is dry, damaged or extremely dry then consider adopting an alternative cleansing process such as Diluted Shampoo (DS), Conditioner Only (CO) wash, low poo formula, Water Only (WO) or no poo.  You may even want to opt for using a dry shampoo to extend the time between cleansing time.

2.  Rinse hair well to remove shampoo or other cleansing formula.  Apply a rinse out conditioner appropriate to your hair type.  Use fingers or wide tooth comb to detangle curls.

3.  Once hair is detangled rinse well will lukewarm water.

4.  Finish by rinsing with a cool or cold water rinse.  This helps to close cuticle and encourage shine.

5.  Towel blot, do not rub, wet hair until excess moisture is removed.

6.  Apply curl forming leave-in styling products such as a leave-in conditioner, defrisant and/or curl defining cream or gel.

7.  Roll curls around fingers and allow hair to air-dry into a well-f0rmed curl pattern.

8.  Do not comb or brush curls since this will cause frizz.

9.  Keep fingers out of curls as much as possible.

10.  If desired, apply 1-2 drops of shine serum into the palms of your hands and massage together.  Wipe the palms of your hands over the top of the dried curls to block frizz, encouraging shine and bounce.

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