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Hair Extensions - How To Have Add-on Hairstyles Instantly Removed

Hair Extensions - How To Have Add-on Hairstyles Instantly Removed

According to the Ashbury Park Press Millville Memorial High School's Wheaton field was the recent setting for two women brawling and pulling out hair extensions.

For anyone wearing hair extensions who has lost their love of the add-on strands, there's an easy way to have them instantly removed.

How?  Get into a brawl with another woman and let her grab your hair and rip them right out of your head.  That certainly would be fast removal without visiting a hairstylist or doing it yourself.

Of course anyone who regularly wears any type of fusion or similar add-on hairstyles will most likely report that having hair extensions forcibly ripped from the head is not only painful at the time, but can leave lasting trauma to the hair roots.  Probably not the best way to have hair extensions removed, but certainly it would be instant.

Instant Hair Extension Removal

So what happened in the case of the hair extensions being instantly removed?

Police say that an 18-year-old woman was arrested for allegedly attacking another woman at Millville Senior High School's graduation ceremony Friday.  Shayla A. Bassey of the 900 block of North Street grabbed a 23-year-old Port Norris woman, who was not identified in a police report, pulled out her hair extensions and punched her in the head at the gate to the ceremony.

The alleged attacker appeared to be seeking revenge against the victim for an incident involving a man, although the victim said afterward she did not know Bassey and was confused about what happened, police said.

For pulling out the hair extensions and punching the victim in the head the 18 year old woman was changed with simple assault, disorderly conduct and released.

Bassey appeared to be happy to see the victim, Patrick wrote, but then Bassey lunged at her, grabbed her hair and started punching her.  Patrick observed several strands of the victim's hair extensions on the ground when Bassey finally let go.  Ouch.

One thing to be learned from this news item besides how to have add-on hairstyles instantly removed is that if you do wear extensions and have potential enemies, you may want to wear the hair braided or pulled into a tight bun or twist to make it harder for the hair to be ripped out.

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