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Beautiful Hair And Skin With Traditional Chinese Medicine

Beautiful Hair And Skin With Traditional Chinese Medicine

I have been a huge believer in the benefits of acupunture and Chinese Medicine for the past 25 years.  It has not only helped me overcome skin challenges, it has helped me with hair and scalp issues.  I have also enjoyed some amazing treatments which seemed to erase those tiny stress lines from my forehead without Botox or other injectibles.

How can Traditional Chinese Medicine help beautiful hair and skin?  Acupunturist believe that the scalp, hair and skin is a reflection of your entire health.  Creating balance from within will be reflected in beautiful shiny hair, a healthy scalp and clear, glowing skin.

Of course acuputure and traditional Chinese medicine can also support a wide range of physical challenges as well.

While I have a fabulous acupunturist here in Dallas, if you wish to receive treatments in Los Angeles you can consult with  Ashley Beckman, L.Ac., MATCM who  is a licensed acupuncturist and Master of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Ashley practices acupuncture in Los Angeles with a focus on facial rejuvenation, organic lifestyle and nutrition. She also co-founded organic skincare line, Golden Path Alchemy.

She holds a degree in International Business and Marketing from the University of Texas, she also studied in Paris at L’ecole Superieure de Commerce and at Bocconi University in Milan.

Ashley has attended world-renown Dr. Luc DeSchepper’s Renaissance Institute of Classical Homeopathy.

She has studied the healing properties of herbs, flower essences, essential oils, light color therapy and whole foods for more than ten years. Ashley combines all these elements to instill holistic lifestyle change.

For more information:

Ashley Beckman

(310) 403-5044

[email protected]

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