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Sweaty Hair And Skin Prevention Tool

Summer is a season for vibrant eyes, fresh, glowing skin and voluminous hair.   Although the sun is a big beauty enemy of skin and hair another enemy is sweat.

Sweat can accelerate hair frizz, cause carefully applied SFP skin protection to melt and drip and dry out hair.  It can also mess up make-up and leave a sticky, icky feeling. What to do?

Whether you're heading to the beach, hanging out at the pool or rushing around doing work or errands in the heat a good tip is to keep towelettes handy to wipe off the sweat before it invades your hair, scalp or skin.

A great option is to find individually wrapped towelettes.  Even better is to find towelettes that contain natural witch hazel or a similar product.  When you tuck a few individually wrapped towelettes into your handbag, your beach bag, pocket or car, you can have instant access.

The advantage of towelettes which are individually wrapped is that if they contain witch hazel or other moist ingredients they won't dry out.  A moist towelette will help to instantly remove sweat, excess oil, dirt or any other impurities from the hairline, the scalp or the skin.

They are great for taking along on vacation or even for tucking into a small handbag before any special event.

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Other uses for a pre-moistened towelette include, but are not limited to:

  • instantly soothing and calming down hot skin after a sun filled day
  • eliminating left over SPF sunscreen or similar products trapped in skin after a day at the pool or beach
  • used before applying makeup to reduce any redness or irritation which can happen from the heat
  • removing the sweat from any type of exercise - outdoor or indoor
  • perfect for business or school commuters who need to eliminate sweat or that stale feeling from public transportation
  • blotted on scalp or hairline to remove smoke or other odors after being in a smoke or odor filled environment

There are also towelettes infused with aloe vera which can help to restore needed moisture during Summer months while providing clean and naturally balanced skin, scalp and around the hairline.

A moist towelette that is individually packaged will provide not only the convenience but will help prevent sweat or oil damage.

It's important to remember that if you do wipe off your face, hairline or scalp with a moist towelette that you instantly reapply your SPF infused sunscreen to prevent sun damage.

One of the places most prone to sun damage is the skin around the hairline, the scalp and the ears.  Keep all of those well covered.

Also it's important to note that an astringent cleanser is not supposed to burn when applied to your skin.  Some people think that a burning sensation on their skin means that their astringent cleaner is doing its job.  This is not true.  What it does mean is that the towelette or cleanser you're using may have too much alcohol or other ingredients which are too harsh.

If you astringent cleanser burns when you use it you probably need to switch to one that doesn't.

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